B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue, Atlanta GA

There were several instances where I questioned whether I really wanted to move to Tennessee. One was when I heard the advance buzz that Bryan Furman would be opening a second location of his popular Savannah barbecue restaurant about twenty minutes from our old house. Continue reading “B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue, Atlanta GA”


Dukes Bar-B-Que, Orangeburg SC

The sun had set and we raced against the clock to make it to our final stop of the day, one of about twelve locations of a very loosely-connected quasi-chain called Dukes. We visited the one that people describe as “by the Pepsi plant,” even though that plant closed years ago. How helpful! Continue reading “Dukes Bar-B-Que, Orangeburg SC”

Sweatman’s Bar-B-Que, Holly Hill SC

Here’s an interesting little milestone for our blog: Sweatman’s is the very last of the barbecue restaurants in our coverage area on an old “must visit” list that I have been keeping for years, diligently crossing off as we’ve driven around the southeast. There are plenty more to try, and hundreds more to discover, but my original bucket list from 2010 has finally been completed. It was worth the wait. Continue reading “Sweatman’s Bar-B-Que, Holly Hill SC”

Briar Patch Bar-B-Que, Hiram GA (take two)

Last month, the boychild and I drove out GA-120 to Hiram to revisit Briar Patch, a big barn of a restaurant that we last visited more than four years ago. I was hoping to get some more information about their mustard sauce, which is very, very similar to Chicken Comer’s sauce from Phenix City and which can be found at many of the older restaurants in the western suburbs of Atlanta. Continue reading “Briar Patch Bar-B-Que, Hiram GA (take two)”

Q Dogs, Tarpon Springs FL

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that Tarpon Springs has a very big Greek-American population, and a whole lot of restaurants serving Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. It’s possible that the town has reached saturation point, because how’s a new restaurant supposed to stand out in such a thriving community with established customer loyalty? That’s what George Krouskos had to consider when he was thinking about opening a restaurant, and he settled on a hot dog stand that also smokes up some pretty good barbecue in an outdoor steel upright. Continue reading “Q Dogs, Tarpon Springs FL”

Little Pigs Barbeque, Columbia SC

Of the five states that we have visited the most over the last six years, South Carolina’s barbecue has been the most uneven. To be sure, we’ve had some transcendent and amazing meals in the Palmetto State, and found some plates worth a very long drive, but we’ve also hit far more disappointments here than anywhere else. I’m very happy that Little Pigs, which is just northeast of Columbia, on the other side of I-77 and on the outskirts of Fort Jackson, is firmly in the “amazing” camp. I was hoping for a pretty good meal, and I got one of the best plates of barbecue I’ve ever had in this, or any state. Continue reading “Little Pigs Barbeque, Columbia SC”

Hite’s BBQ, West Columbia SC

A couple of years ago, we visited Jackie Hite’s in Leesville SC and had a really good meal at their buffet. In 1957, another member of that family, cousin John D. Hite, opened a little weekend-only takeout shack about twenty miles closer to town. Hite’s BBQ is just a hop, skip, and a jump from US-1, and, like many restaurants with a lot of hype and a hint of legend about them, it gets really busy during the two days of the week that it’s open. It is still in family hands – John’s grandson David is in charge these days – but the business is still as no-frills as it was almost sixty years ago. Continue reading “Hite’s BBQ, West Columbia SC”