Hickory Hut BBQ, Dallas GA (take two)

I first visited the Hickory Hut in Dallas GA almost four years ago. I was looking to expand our coverage of barbecue in Atlanta’s western suburbs, but picked a lousy night to do it. On that occasion, Marie was exhausted and the girlchild was in a particularly rotten mood, and while the food was pretty good, it probably would have been kinder to postpone the drive out to Paulding County. Continue reading “Hickory Hut BBQ, Dallas GA (take two)”


Briar Patch Bar-B-Que, Hiram GA (take two)

Last month, the boychild and I drove out GA-120 to Hiram to revisit Briar Patch, a big barn of a restaurant that we last visited more than four years ago. I was hoping to get some more information about their mustard sauce, which is very, very similar to Chicken Comer’s sauce from Phenix City and which can be found at many of the older restaurants in the western suburbs of Atlanta. Continue reading “Briar Patch Bar-B-Que, Hiram GA (take two)”

Highway 61 Revisited – part two

In case you missed part one of this little travelogue, this is a little journey up the first 25 mile stretch of GA-61 from Carrollton, through Villa Rica and the unincorporated community of New Georgia to Dallas and the intersection with GA-120. Along this corridor are five rarely-discussed barbecue restaurants and, one day last month, I visited all five. Continue reading “Highway 61 Revisited – part two”

Highway 61 Revisited – part one

Backstory: A few months ago, I got a whim to visit the small city of Carrollton in west Georgia, to see what barbecue and books could be found. Matt and his wife Kelley came along, and we had a good day, and I came home with an astonishing list of nine previously unknown-to-me barbecue joints along the way that warranted a return trip to document. Nine! A little research when I returned revealed that only one of them, Merle’s, had been written up by another hobbyist blogger, but let this be a lesson to any of us, blogger or writer of books published by university presses, who thinks to make a claim that they know the be-all and end-all of a region’s barbecue. Nine! Continue reading “Highway 61 Revisited – part one”

Scott’s Walk-Up Bar-B-Q, Cartersville GA

A reader had recommended that we give Scott’s Walk-Up Bar-B-Q in Bartow County a try. We didn’t have any specific plans for the second Saturday in October, and as our dance card started to fill with some major plans through the end of the year, I thought it a good idea for the four of us to just hop up the road for a quite short little trip. Scott’s is maybe half an hour from our place in Cobb, and while our hobbyist friends have mostly shied away from Cartersville – Dustin of the Georgia Barbecue Hunt is the only one that I can find who has paid Scott’s a visit – this place has received some solid writeups from newspapers and magazines, and has a devoted following. Continue reading “Scott’s Walk-Up Bar-B-Q, Cartersville GA”

Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse, Euharlee GA

Several months ago, I spent some time cleaning up Urbanspoon’s listings of barbecue restaurants throughout Georgia and Alabama – I probably need to do that again – and found quite a few that I had never heard of before. Johnny Mitchell’s is one of those. He and his wife Jill boast that they have been in the restaurant business for 32 years, and that the Smokehouse is their second enterprise. Jill is from California and Johnny from here in Atlanta. His aunt was the owner of downtown’s B & G Restaurant, about which I can find no information online. That’s one of the reasons that I wanted to create this blog in the first place, to keep stories about food and community and dining going, even from a perspective as narrow as ours, with just a little information and a couple of photos. Continue reading “Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse, Euharlee GA”

The Hickory Hut and Rodney’s Bar-B-Que, Dallas GA

A few weeks ago, I started wondering again about Hudson’s Hickory HouseĀ in Douglasville, and their buckets of thin, red, barbecue “juice” sauce that have found considerable popularity at about a half-dozen restaurants in the region. I wondered whether more barbecue joints in the western suburbs follow this path, and I also noticed that Paulding County is shockingly underrepresented among the area’s bloggers. So, a couple of Saturday evenings ago, Marie and the children and I went out to Dallas to try a place, and stumbled past another on the way home. We found some pretty good food, albeit nothing really extraordinary and nothing that follows the Hudson’s template, and, as far as our health goes, pushed ourselves just a little too far, leading to some unhappy and grouchy folk who just wanted to go home. Continue reading “The Hickory Hut and Rodney’s Bar-B-Que, Dallas GA”