Smokin’ Po-Boys BBQ, Winder GA

About a year ago, I described a little drive that I took with my daughter and baby boy up through Hoschton and Winder to Athens and back, passing two barbecue joints along the way with which I was unfamiliar. I intended then to come back to Winder, and it is actually becoming depressing to realize just how long it is taking us to get back to some of these places. There’s never enough time or money, but I really would like to provide a little better documentation of the world of barbecue restaurants in this region, and we’re not getting any younger. Probably not the wisest course of action to think about such things after spending about five hours wandering about campus, visiting the ol’ comic book store and listening to early ’80s British chart music, honestly. Continue reading “Smokin’ Po-Boys BBQ, Winder GA”