Majestic Diner, Atlanta GA (take two)

Recently, we’ve been visiting and revisiting some of Atlanta’s older restaurants, paying particular attention to the ones buried very deep in this blog and only given a couple of illustrations. The Majestic Diner was an obvious choice to try again. Marie and I came by a couple of Fridays ago, and, as with our recent trip to the Silver Skillet, she had a late breakfast and I had a pretty good lunch. Continue reading “Majestic Diner, Atlanta GA (take two)”

Old Hickory House, Tucker GA

Back in March, we paid our respects to an aging legend. Once upon a time, the Old Hickory House was an iconic Atlanta-area chain, with more than a dozen locations around the city. There were also stores in Athens, Augusta, Chattanooga, and Charlotte, and at least one in Florida. Chopped Onion says that it was in Tallahassee, but I have a distant memory that it was more than just that one. At its peak, the chain reached at least eighteen stores, and possibly as many as 23. Two years ago, Tomorrow’s News Today provided what’s probably the most in-depth rundown of all the known stores that anybody has compiled so far. (Honestly, if you’re able to expand on that list, please do so!) Continue reading “Old Hickory House, Tucker GA”

Silver Skillet, Atlanta GA (take two)

Every once in a while, I have treated myself to breakfast at the wonderful Silver Skillet, a sixty year-old diner on 14th Street in midtown Atlanta. In 2010, I wrote about the place, and, as we’ve been spending time and money at Atlanta’s older restaurants lately, I figured we should go back, and have lunch. That, I’ve never done before. Continue reading “Silver Skillet, Atlanta GA (take two)”

Varuni Napoli, Atlanta GA

My friend Mike, who lives in Florida and writes the very good food blog Sweet Tea & Bourbon, was finally in Atlanta at a time when it was convenient for us to meet. We’d missed each other a time or three before. On one instance, he rang to see whether I wanted to do lunch about an hour after my daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled. I looked at the poor kid, sacked out on the couch with her mouth full of cotton, doped so high on painkillers that she couldn’t count beyond her fingers without falling asleep, and decided that while I might not be the best parent in town, at least I knew that it would be wrong to drive to Buford Highway for some Sichuan cooking with my kid in that state. Continue reading “Varuni Napoli, Atlanta GA”

If I Only Had a TARDIS

So here’s a silly April Fool’s Day look at what I’d do if I could traverse time and space for a few meals. Here are some real places, sadly lost to time, that I either genuinely miss or never got the opportunity to try, and I could perhaps revisit with the assistance of a good time machine. I’ll take a stolen Type 40 that answers to the name “Sexy,” please. Continue reading “If I Only Had a TARDIS”

S & S Cafeterias, Tucker GA (CLOSED)

Because I’m something of a dimwit at the best of times, it never actually registered and sank in that Atlanta is home to two locations of the old S & S Cafeterias chain. In my meager defense, I’m rarely on Chamblee-Tucker Road and never on Campbellton, where the second Atlanta store is located, but that’s no excuse. S & S is an old Georgia chain and deserves a little notice. Unfortunately, the notice that finally got me to register that there’s an S & S on Chamblee-Tucker was the notice that it won’t be with us for much longer. Continue reading “S & S Cafeterias, Tucker GA (CLOSED)”

Taquería la Oaxaqueña, Jonesboro GA

One day in late 2003, our friend David phoned me about a promising restaurant near us. He had read in Creative Loafingjust like you can – that this place, then called Cafeteria la Oaxaqueña, was serving a unique treat called a tlayuda. A common street food in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, it is sometimes called a Mexican pizza, not entirely correctly, and served as the inspiration for the tostadas that you see on fast food menus today. Continue reading “Taquería la Oaxaqueña, Jonesboro GA”