Leopold’s Ice Cream, Savannah GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about ice cream. Because of an unfortunate scheduling snafu, the baby and I went to visit my folks without Grant or the girlchild, so they got no time at the beach. Well, I didn’t either, but the more important part of the visit was grandparent fun time with baby. One of the activities for that was a trip to the opening day of the first phase of the Savannah Children’s Museum. They are associated with the Savannah Railroad Musum and the children’s area is among some of the historic buildings so the place has a lot of character and considerable charm. They’re going to have problems with the grass being trampled by babies pretty soon, and the toys are so portable my son tried to escape with a Lincoln Log and I had to go back to return it. Continue reading “Leopold’s Ice Cream, Savannah GA”

Smokin Pig, Richmond Hill GA

(With apologies to my many visitors from Google, this is one of the occasional entries here on the blog where it takes me a very long time to get to talking about the restaurant titled above. This isn’t a conventional restaurant review blog, after all, but rather stories about the fun that we have eating. Sometimes, the research that finds these places to eat sparks its own story.)

The only thing that I dislike about our trips to Saint Simons Island is that we occasionally have to return on a Sunday. Our experience has been that just about any place worth visiting in middle or south Georgia is closed on Sunday, and it sure is a shame to drive past an interesting-sounding restaurant and not have the chance to visit. Continue reading “Smokin Pig, Richmond Hill GA”