The Partridge Restaurant, Rome GA

A couple of years ago, the children and I took a Saturday trip to the small city of Rome, and left very impressed with the look of a very old restaurant on Broad Street, the city’s major thoroughfare. John Jacobs opened the Partridge Restaurant in 1933. This very popular place remained in family hands for more than seventy years, and, in mid-2015, the family resumed ownership and brought back many employees who had worked here many years back. When we paid our bill, Marie and I met a nice woman named Gaynelle who has worked here on and off since 1972. Continue reading “The Partridge Restaurant, Rome GA”

The Colonnade, Atlanta GA (take two)

We’re so pleasantly surprised to see that the Colonnade, one of Atlanta’s oldest restaurants, not only continues to thrive, but continues to attract a young and vibrant customer base. While it’s not quite unique in this regard, it’s certainly in the minority. Most of the time, these “timelost” restaurants picked up most of their audience in the 1970s and slowly age with them. You sort of envisage some of these places finally closing the doors and turning the key when their last patron passes away. The Colonnade has the look and almost the feel of one of those creaky old-timers, but its admiring crowd is enormous. Young and old alike wait for an hour or more for a table on Saturday evenings, once they’ve found a parking place, anyway. Continue reading “The Colonnade, Atlanta GA (take two)”

Revival, Decatur GA

Comfort Food Weekend concluded with a trip to Decatur, where we enjoyed a mostly excellent Sunday lunch at Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant Revival, whose menu was inspired by Sunday cooking at his grandmother’s house. This place opened last year and everybody has said only nice things about it. Confident of a good lunch and still craving traditional comfort food after two days full of it, we made reservations and left for the aggravatingly long drive out that way. They can build a Braves Turnpike all along I-75, but they can’t build a flyover bypass to Decatur? A pox on politicians; no wonder we were late. Continue reading “Revival, Decatur GA”

Buttermilk Kitchen, Atlanta GA

Yet another in a long list of Atlanta restaurants that opened to wide acclaim since we started our blog without us finding the time to visit, Buttermilk Kitchen is in a little place that’s too far for a quick lunch from Marietta, where we live, and too far for a quick lunch from downtown, where I used to work, and they’re not open for dinner. On weekends, they have a breakfast-only menu, but as I rarely care for breakfast, it was, madly, not a priority to visit. Continue reading “Buttermilk Kitchen, Atlanta GA”

Barbara Jean’s, Saint Simons Island GA

One of the most inexplicable facts about our dining is this: we had never been to Barbara Jean’s before this stop on Saint Simons last month. The owner, Barbara Jean Barta, opened the restaurant in 1998 and has published a pair of popular cookbooks as well as two additional locations in northeast Florida, above and below Jacksonville. The restaurant is very well known for its crab cakes, and very simply blends the best of both local seafood and nice southern cuisine. I don’t know why we’ve never stopped in before, but we will definitely add it to our rotation of Saint Simons restaurants. Continue reading “Barbara Jean’s, Saint Simons Island GA”

Zarzour’s Cafe, Chattanooga TN (take two)

Regular readers might have noticed that on most of our many recent trips to Chattanooga, we’ve chosen to make a second stop at a place that we highlighted once in the earlier days of the blog. This is deliberate; as I’ve mentioned before, some of those 2010-11 chapters need a refresh. So, the next on the list due for a return trip was the legendary Zarzour’s, which I first visited with my older son a little more than four years ago. I told Marie a time or two over the years that the burgers here were excellent, and I suppose that she got so tired of hearing about them that she decided to order something different instead! Continue reading “Zarzour’s Cafe, Chattanooga TN (take two)”

Table & Main, Roswell GA

Well, here’s serendipity. A few Sundays back, our old friend David came by and we drove over to Roswell. We met up with Leslie, from The Food and Me, to try a popular restaurant in Roswell’s incredibly cute downtown stretch. I really love the way that Roswell has managed to maintain and support a thriving downtown scene full of busy independent restaurants just one curve and a parking lot away from the main, traffic-clogged stretch through town. Unfortunately for us, the restaurant that we wanted to try was so busy – they don’t take reservations – that we were looking at an hour’s wait. We decided to stretch our legs and get some exercise while waiting, since the restaurant does at least take your number in order to send a text when a table is ready. Continue reading “Table & Main, Roswell GA”