Bill’s Donut Shop, Centerville OH

It took us twelve hours, but we finally made it to Dayton. The toddler was unbelievably good for the trip. He whimpered and got frustrated a few times, which was to be expected, but he handled the road trip like a champion, even as we got caught in the northbound sludge of Cincinnati’s evening rush hour, and was rewarded with the awesome and welcome sight of Mommy in the hotel lobby. Continue reading “Bill’s Donut Shop, Centerville OH”


Marion’s Piazza, Dayton OH

This is Marie, contributing an article about Marion’s Piazza. Not a misspelling or typo – that is actually their name. They aren’t putting a weird spin on the misspelling-for-advertising gimmick, but rather the founder wanted to have an Italian piazza experience, knew that was not exactly practical in the coolish climes of Dayton, and made an indoor courtyard. This was unusual at the time (1965), because his principal local competition offered only carry-out. The place hasn’t been glossed over with a modern sheen, either – they still put paper orders up on a spinning wooden rack, for the exceedingly efficient-looking pizza team behind the counter to make the pies in full view and very, very quickly. Continue reading “Marion’s Piazza, Dayton OH”

Thai 9, Dayton OH

This is Marie, contributing an article about Thai 9. By chance, my work had sent me to Dayton on the eve of Election Day and I had been looking forward to the time after work when I would sit down in front of the TV in the hotel room with snack food and enjoy the spectator sport of politics in a swing state. I anticipated (rightly, as it turned out) that this would closely resemble a trip to a Roman Coliseum. Continue reading “Thai 9, Dayton OH”

Tank’s Bar & Grill, Dayton OH

This is Marie, contributing an article about two restaurants in Dayton that I had the privilege to visit during a business trip to interview for a job in Dayton, Ohio. One of these was a place rather emphatically off my beaten path, and the other just the kind of place I could wind up visiting often. It was the first time I had been away overnight entirely by myself since the baby was born, and it definitely felt odd. There was another layer of oddness to it, in that I didn’t know whether when I came back from the trip I would be able to make a true decision about whether to take the position if offered, due to some legal unpleasantness mentioned in Grant’s last post. Continue reading “Tank’s Bar & Grill, Dayton OH”