Shakey’s Pizza, Warner Robins GA (CLOSED)

Shakey’s Pizza was not part of my childhood, but it was a part of a whole mess of other people’s. Every so often, it sparks a happy memory or ten among some of the regulars at forums where I visit. If you’re in California, you’re never too far from a Shakey’s, as there are still about fifty stores in that state, but only ten others in the country. In the southeast, there is one in Auburn, and one in Warner Robins. Every week, a delivery truck comes east, bringing food for both of these stores. Perhaps they still have local-market TV ads for Shakey’s in California. Here’s one from the early 1970s, starring Kathy Coleman, who’d later play Holly in Sid and Marty Krofft’s Land of the Lost. The ad shows what Shakey’s used to be: a bizarre mix of Tudor design and Dixieland jazz with styrofoam boaters. Continue reading “Shakey’s Pizza, Warner Robins GA (CLOSED)”

Photo Post 11: Mini Putt Golf, Warner Robins GA

How neat is this? Driving up US-127 from Bonaire, we found this abandoned mini-golf on the right. Of course, I had to get some pictures of it before it all gets bulldozed for condominiums. Of course, this is hardly prime real estate. It’s more likely that it will be swallowed by nature first. Continue reading “Photo Post 11: Mini Putt Golf, Warner Robins GA”