Coco’s Chinese Restaurant, Chamblee GA (CLOSED)

I’ve said several times before that I’m not all that interested in celebrity chef culture. I like consistency and history, and places that serve a decent meal for years and years. Nevertheless, I do read many of my fellow bloggers in Atlanta, and once in a while, I see a report written with such enthusiasm that it overcomes my silly prejudice. Four months ago, Chow Down Atlanta wrote a rave report (since lost) about Chef Danny Ting’s work at a Buford Highway shop called Coco’s.

Inexpensive, awesome food in an area that I don’t know nearly as well as I should? This should definitely be looked at more closely. Of course, life and other meals got in the way, but I finally made my way there a couple of weeks ago to try the salted crispy shrimp.

I’ll apologize for this being one of our infrequent very, very short chapters, but the fabulous “this way and that” road trip that will cover the next two weeks of entries should make up for it. Basically, I was sold by Chow Down Atlanta’s enthusiasm about the salted crispy shrimp, and, even though they were a right royal pain for me to shell, as I’d injured my right index finger and had it all bandaged, they totally lived up to my long-simmering expectations. And, at $5.25 for the meal, rice and hot and sour soup, it was priced just right.

Coco’s apparently used to be a Sichuan-style restaurant, but with Ting in charge of the kitchen, they now serve more Cantonese-fashioned dishes. If shrimp isn’t your thing, then it looks like the menu is full of other interesting things, and I imagine anybody who’d like to experience more authentic recipes than what the suburbs typically offer can find some great things on the menu.


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  1. Why did you peel them? You can eat the shells and they actually contribute a lot of flavor and texture.

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