McKinnon’s Louisiane, Atlanta GA

As we continued turning down PR invitations for hot new launches and thumbing our noses at Atlanta’s coolest and hippest and newest places in favor of looking into the past at much older restaurants, our travels took us to McKinnon’s Louisiane, which opened in the mid-1970s, when Buckhead was not quite as rich and trendy as it is today. The restaurant, a dry cleaner, and a music store occupy a distinctly downmarket little strip mall that’s visible from Peachtree. I think that every developer in the southeast is drooling over this prime bit of real estate. Continue reading “McKinnon’s Louisiane, Atlanta GA”


Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe, Douglasville GA

Over the years, we’ve received hundreds of suggestions and ideas about places to visit around the southeast, and the runaway number one in the Atlanta area has definitely been Gumbeaux’s, a cajun-style restaurant in Douglasville. It’s in that town’s charming single-side historic downtown, with the businesses on one side and the train tracks on the other, and it’s incredibly popular. We arrived on a Saturday last month about 11.45 and may have been the last party to be seated without having to wait. Continue reading “Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe, Douglasville GA”

Shrimp Creole with Pappy’s Sauce by Watson Kitchen

We were invited to sample a few treats from the good people at Watson Kitchen, a little family business based in Tampa FL. Since shrimp creole is one of my go-to dishes in cajun restaurants – come back Monday for more along those lines! – I was most curious about what their sauce was like. They were kind enough to include two jars of their pickled vegetables as well. Continue reading “Shrimp Creole with Pappy’s Sauce by Watson Kitchen”

Lowcountry Boil with Penzeys Spices

This is Marie, contributing a story about a meal I’ve made a couple of times now and plan to put into our regular rotation. It was inspired by a truly excellent meal at Thibodeaux’s in Columbus, after which I said to myself “I need more of this!” This isn’t quite as good, but then I haven’t been making Cajun food for decades, now have I? The portions below are designed for 3.5 people plus another 1/2 portion for lunch, so scale up or down depending on your crowd. I advise shucking your corn and shrimp ahead of time unless you enjoy rushing, but it can be done in a pinch if your amounts are small, because of the staggered cooking times. Continue reading “Lowcountry Boil with Penzeys Spices”

Thibodeaux’s Low Country Boil and Wings, Columbus GA

Last month, we took a road trip to middle Georgia with our friends from Spatialdrift, and as we were batting around ideas, Emily suggested that we visit Andersonville National Historic Site, which was the location of the Camp Sumter military prison during the Civil War, and the present-day home of the National POW Museum. Since a friend of my family had spent the entirety of the Korean War in a military prison after his plane was shot down, I was especially interested to visit. For even amateur historians like myself, the experience is a fascinating and somber one, and I certainly recommend that our readers consider making a trip here. Continue reading “Thibodeaux’s Low Country Boil and Wings, Columbus GA”

PoBoys Cajun Grill, Florence AL

Here’s an experience that we hope is never repeated. Back in April, when we made the special announcement post about Florence Restaurant Week, one of our readers left a comment inviting us to stop by the restaurant where she worked. PoBoys Cajun Grill opened in October of 2013, and even though it was not participating in the event, we decided that it would be nice to stop by and say hello. Continue reading “PoBoys Cajun Grill, Florence AL”

Emeril’s Jambalaya

This is Marie, contributing an article about a meal I cooked. Every once in a while I get the subtle hints my husband throws my way (read “constant peppering with e-mails about new recipes”) and make something in a spicier vein than usual. Although I do generally still wind up watching him put half a container of red pepper flakes on the result, I’m not offended; after all, the base recipe has to be mild enough to share with the toddler. Continue reading “Emeril’s Jambalaya”