Food From Fiction 12: Spenser’s Paper Doll Polenta and Chicken

I stood at my stove pouring a thin stream of cornmeal into simmering milk. As it went in, I stirred with a whisk.
“Corn meal mush?” Susan said.
“We gourmets prefer to call it polenta,” I said. Continue reading “Food From Fiction 12: Spenser’s Paper Doll Polenta and Chicken”

Food From Fiction 10: Taylor’s Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry

I did the last minute cooking, which the recipe said you were supposed to do ‘at the table in a sizzling wok before the admiring guests.’ A sizzling wok, my hind foot. Who did they think read those magazines?” –from The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver Continue reading “Food From Fiction 10: Taylor’s Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry”

Farewell Atlanta 2: Martin’s

A couple of months ago, Drew from Man Up Texas BBQ tweeted that he’d driven 45 minutes for breakfast at Milo’s, a Birmingham-area fast food chain, and asked to be told if there was a better chicken biscuit anywhere. I immediately complied. Atlanta’s Martin’s chain has the best chicken biscuits of any chain in the south. Continue reading “Farewell Atlanta 2: Martin’s”

H & H Restaurant, Macon GA

And then there was the time I drove to Indiana twice – twice! – for something I could have eaten in Macon.

Marie wanted to spend her birthday weekend taking a super-quick visit to see her parents, but I honestly couldn’t get behind spending that much time in the car without making many, many stops. She wanted to set the land speed record getting to the island via the interstate after dark in order to spend as many available hours down there, and I would want to take the Golden Isles Parkway and visit at least four new-to-us restaurants. So she went on her own and I decided to mosey around in middle Georgia. Continue reading “H & H Restaurant, Macon GA”

The Colonnade, Atlanta GA (take two)

We’re so pleasantly surprised to see that the Colonnade, one of Atlanta’s oldest restaurants, not only continues to thrive, but continues to attract a young and vibrant customer base. While it’s not quite unique in this regard, it’s certainly in the minority. Most of the time, these “timelost” restaurants picked up most of their audience in the 1970s and slowly age with them. You sort of envisage some of these places finally closing the doors and turning the key when their last patron passes away. The Colonnade has the look and almost the feel of one of those creaky old-timers, but its admiring crowd is enormous. Young and old alike wait for an hour or more for a table on Saturday evenings, once they’ve found a parking place, anyway. Continue reading “The Colonnade, Atlanta GA (take two)”

Revival, Decatur GA

Comfort Food Weekend concluded with a trip to Decatur, where we enjoyed a mostly excellent Sunday lunch at Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant Revival, whose menu was inspired by Sunday cooking at his grandmother’s house. This place opened last year and everybody has said only nice things about it. Confident of a good lunch and still craving traditional comfort food after two days full of it, we made reservations and left for the aggravatingly long drive out that way. They can build a Braves Turnpike all along I-75, but they can’t build a flyover bypass to Decatur? A pox on politicians; no wonder we were late. Continue reading “Revival, Decatur GA”