Buttermilk Kitchen, Atlanta GA

Yet another in a long list of Atlanta restaurants that opened to wide acclaim since we started our blog without us finding the time to visit, Buttermilk Kitchen is in a little place that’s too far for a quick lunch from Marietta, where we live, and too far for a quick lunch from downtown, where I used to work, and they’re not open for dinner. On weekends, they have a breakfast-only menu, but as I rarely care for breakfast, it was, madly, not a priority to visit. Continue reading “Buttermilk Kitchen, Atlanta GA”

Grandma’s White Chicken Chili

Sometimes, though not often, I am asked for something my mother-in-law makes. Generally the request comes from the girlchild, but as is traditional with such requests I’m not entirely sure that the results are ever going to measure up to the originals. Continue reading “Grandma’s White Chicken Chili”

Mr. D’s, Henderson KY

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that some amazingly good fried chicken originally brought me to the Henderson area. That’s no longer available, although the rights to the old Bon Ton recipe can be purchased or leased for a price. Our friend Louis Hatchett was very clear that while nobody’s fried chicken was quite like the Bon Ton’s, there was some pretty good stuff available at a drive-in called Mr. D’s. Continue reading “Mr. D’s, Henderson KY”

Hop’s Chicken, Atlanta GA

I’ve lived around Atlanta long enough to remember when everybody in the city gave a collective sigh of relief when the gigantic old Sears catalog distribution building between North and Ponce was repurposed as City Hall East. Just as long as something, anything, was putting that big old space to good use. Sadly, City Hall East only lasted for about twenty years and never used more than a third of the space; budget cuts during Mayor Franklin’s day forced the closure of the facility, and it sat idle for another five years. Earlier this year, private developers began turning the space into condos, with a mall and food court called Ponce City Market on the lower floors, and quick access from the shopping area to the Beltline. Continue reading “Hop’s Chicken, Atlanta GA”

Penzeys Nicaraguan-style Red Beans with Pulled Chicken

This is Marie, contributing a recipe from one of our beloved Penzeys catalogs. This one comes under the easy-but-not-quick category. As with any recipe involving dry beans, you will want to take your time in order to ensure that the beans reach that level of buttery softness that makes them so good – nothing spoils a bean like a crunch in the middle. Continue reading “Penzeys Nicaraguan-style Red Beans with Pulled Chicken”

Beach Road Chicken Dinners, Jacksonville FL

After spending the Saturday of our trip exploring Orlando, we left Sunday morning to spend a few hours with each of Marie’s parents on Saint Simons Island. The road there takes us through Jacksonville, and I was looking forward to trying a place that we’d been thinking about sampling for quite some time. Beach Road Chicken Dinners originally opened in 1939, and we arrived just as the place started to fill up with both the after-church crowd and the Jaguars tailgating crowd. Since it’s one of the oldest existing restaurants in town, they’ve got a set, old-fashioned way of doing things. It’s not quite family-style dining, as everybody orders their own proteins, but they do offer up unlimited sides. Continue reading “Beach Road Chicken Dinners, Jacksonville FL”