About “Georgia Barbecue”

Well, now that we’re just a few days away from moving to Tennessee, I’d like to look back at the barbecue in Georgia for a little bit. I don’t imagine this will be anything like a last word on the subject – we will still be visiting Saint Simons Island a couple of times a year and there are pah-lenty of places off I-16 and I-95 that I want to try – but, after many years of doing Marie, Let’s Eat!, where I have written about 391 barbecue restaurants around the south (many chapters still to post), I do not claim – at all – any level of expertise. However, I do believe that I have the experience under my belt, having written about 219 different barbecue restaurants in this state since February 2010 (plus around ten about which we didn’t care to create a story, plus another twenty or so before the blog), to make a few informed statements. Continue reading “About “Georgia Barbecue””

Frankfurt Döner & Meats, Ball Ground GA

In 1993, Detley Werner and his family moved from Germany to the United States, and made their way to the small town of Ball Ground, where they opened a butcher shop that also sells sandwiches and a really huge variety of smoked sausages. I’d first heard of his shop a couple of years ago, but we hadn’t been up the I-575 corridor in quite some time and never found an opportunity to go visit. A couple of months ago, however, I got a craving to visit Amicalola Falls, near Dawsonville, a trip which would take us right by his place. Continue reading “Frankfurt Döner & Meats, Ball Ground GA”

J-Bo’s BBQ, Carrollton GA

The last time that I was in Carrollton, I deliberately left behind a couple of barbecue places either for a rainy day or for other writers to check out. The city of 26,000 has at least six barbecue restaurants in its metro area. One of these is J-Bo’s, which Jason May opened in 2009. Its location is certainly one of the most unusual spaces of any restaurant that I’ve visited. It’s in a two-store building, kind of like a little strip mall, with a coin laundry on the other side of the wall. Now, having a next door neighbor that doesn’t serve food is nothing out of the ordinary, but these two spaces have a window between them. So if there’s nothing good on the TV while you enjoy your lunch, you can always watch people’s down comforters tumbling around in the wash. Continue reading “J-Bo’s BBQ, Carrollton GA”

Owens Bar-B-Que, Tallapoosa GA

I decided that we’d take one more pass at west Georgia before we moved away and let the road get too long. I wasn’t sure when we’d manage it; I put a to-eat list together in February and we finally set aside the first Saturday in April to go visit four restaurants that had not been visited or documented by other writers. Then Andy from Burgers, Barbecue, and Everything Else went to two of them. I was partially jealous of the scoop but more honestly pleased, because I love seeing unheralded restaurants get a little press and spotlight. Even though we often really don’t learn very much on our anonymous, quick visits, I’d much rather read about a barbecue place that nobody has ever documented than the sixty-eleventh blog post about the same restaurants that everybody writes about, even the ones we love. Continue reading “Owens Bar-B-Que, Tallapoosa GA”

Adams Bar-B-Q, Cartersville GA

I confess that doing this as long as I have, some names and dates and towns get all confused and I miss some places and misidentify others. Once upon a time, I misheard some information and was not aware this restaurant was still in business. We passed it on our way to Rome and I decided that we’d swing by and see about a midday snack on our way home. Continue reading “Adams Bar-B-Q, Cartersville GA”