Bell’s Hamburgers, Toccoa GA

One Friday last summer, I drove through Toccoa on a food-packed road trip through northeast Georgia to Clemson and back, and spotted a terrific old sign for a place called Bell’s. I photographed the sign for posterity and readers let me know, through comments and e-mails, what a mistake I made in not stopping for their fried chicken. Then I uncovered the existence of those two Maryland Fried stores in town and knew that I had to get back one day. As it turned out, we got to compare the two. Continue reading “Bell’s Hamburgers, Toccoa GA”


Maryland Fried Chicken, Toccoa GA

Here’s a conundrum. How best to explain an experience where the food was really quite good, served well and in a great little environment, but still left me just glum with disappointment? This might make more sense to readers who have been following us for a while, and know that I get a huge kick out of glorious old retro signs and well-maintained old buildings from the middle of the last century. That’s what sent me up the road to Toccoa: not the promise of good food, but the promise of a great chance to take some fun pictures. Continue reading “Maryland Fried Chicken, Toccoa GA”

This land is Billy Dilworth’s land.

Last month, one of our readers, Cheryl Kitchens, sent a recommendation that we stop by Bar-H Barbeque near the neat little town of Royston. I agreed that was a terrific idea; I had not been anywhere around these great towns in northeast Georgia that I enjoy so much in a really long time. Bar-H was, therefore, the last restaurant that I deliberately looked up and planned to visit before I set out on my trip. I noticed that I could get there from Athens via one of two roads. I’d driven US-29 through the area many times in the past, but I’d never seen GA-281 before, so that was the one that I took. I also thought about where I might go after Royston. I glanced very briefly around Google Maps and figured that Toccoa and Clemson would be eventual destinations, but I backed away after making that conclusion. I was resolved not to print out directions or use Urbanspoon to lock myself into a schedule. After I left Bar-H, I would be on my own. Continue reading “This land is Billy Dilworth’s land.”