Dough in the Box, Marietta GA

I continue to be pleasantly surprised to find successful restaurants in the suburbs that mostly avoid online notice or raving. Now, it’s certainly true that I do have one of my fellow bloggers, Blissful Glutton Jennifer Zyman, to thank for bringing Dough in the Box to my attention when she gave it a writeup for Creative Loafing last year, but, heck, everybody should be talking about this place. Marie and I drove over there to bring home some breakfast last Saturday and these are really excellent doughnuts. Certainly, Sublime Doughnuts does everything oh-so-right with their carefree and vaguely ridiculous creations, but these basic and simple no-frills creations, quite reminiscent of the Great American Donut Shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky are just about as good, and really nicely priced at $7 for a dozen.

They are thriving despite a really awful location that doesn’t make any sense with the flow of traffic for breakfast pickup. Jesus and Dannia Balestena bought the four year-old place in 2010 and have dozens of devoted customers who manage a really rush hour-unfriendly drive to get here. Commuters coming into Marietta from Austell and Powder Springs have to navigate an awful median, making a U-turn to return here and another one to get back into the flow of traffic. Since we were coming from Marietta, past all the bail bondsmen and the remarkably-named Austell Hicks strip mall, we only had to handle one of the two, to return, and, of course, Saturday traffic is much milder than the gridlocked mess of Austell Road during the week.

Last year, the Balestenas participated in a fundraiser for the nearby MDAA elementary school, helping to educate students and parents about buying local by offering a ham and cheese croissant to sell for the school’s fifth grade trip for less than a national fast food chain charged the school for their product. The Marietta Daily Journal did a story about the enterprise, although, sadly, the comments below descended into stupid even faster than these things usually do, so don’t break your heart by reading about such a positive idea derailed by yahoos. I appreciate any attempt to bring the idea of buying local to a community.

As for our own visit, we sampled several different doughnuts and Marie was pleased to see that they added some holes to our box to fill the empty space. Everything was delicious, especially the chocolate cake, although the wait to enjoy them was unbearable. We needed to stop by the grocery store and buy some milk, because we forgot to get some the night before. Doughnuts just need dunking in milk, I say.

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  1. Delicious doughnuts that are incredibly fresh coupled with very friendly service make this spot a shop worth seeking out.

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