Pallookaville Fine Foods, Avondale Estates GA

In December of 1989 or possibly 1990, I was told that there was this band that I had to see playing a free show one night on the steps of City Hall in Athens. It was the Labrea Stompers, led by Jim Stacy, and it was unbelievably cold. I saw them a couple of times after that, in more traditional settings, but I’ll always remember that very long, below-freezing walk back to my dorm against a harsh, knock-you-down wind, and also their terrific performance of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” When Dr. Seuss died in 1991, Stacy wrote an obituary for one of the local papers. Class act. Continue reading “Pallookaville Fine Foods, Avondale Estates GA”

Wild Heaven Craft Beers, Avondale Estates GA

For this month’s attempt to expand my novice beer knowledge, a trip to Ale Yeah! in Roswell had my brother putting two bottles from Wild Heaven in my hands. He told me that these were local guys with a very small selection of beers. That sounded good, because it’s easier to get a handle on a brewery’s output when I don’t have sixty-eleven beers to track down, as will be the case with next month’s chapter about beer. Continue reading “Wild Heaven Craft Beers, Avondale Estates GA”

Skips Chicago Dogs, Avondale Estates GA

Long story short version: I was looking for a place new to me to visit a couple of Fridays ago, and the earlier that it opened for lunch, the better, since there were many things to do that afternoon. So I found a very popular hot dog place in Avondale Estates, a little town just east of Decatur that I had never, in all the years I’ve lived around this area, had reason to visit before. Skips opens at the agreeable hour of 10, serving up nicely-priced Vienna Beef dogs from underneath the requisite collection of Bears, Blackhawks and baseball memorabilia and banners. If their collection is not quite as wild and esoteric as the museum on the walls of Marietta’s Chicago Delights, it’s still enough to satisfy the homesick. Continue reading “Skips Chicago Dogs, Avondale Estates GA”