Opening Night at Zinburger, Atlanta GA

A couple of Fridays ago, our daughter bailed on her babysitting duties – a trip to Six Flags suddenly came up – and so Marie stayed home with the three year-old while I went out to Zinburger’s opening night soiree. They invited the best and the brightest of Buckhead society, and also a bunch of us scruffy bloggers, for their red-carpet premiere event to benefit Camp Twin Lakes, and I’d really appreciate it if you clicked that link and checked out what they do. Continue reading “Opening Night at Zinburger, Atlanta GA”


Seasons 52’s Autumn Menu

Our friends at Seasons 52 invited us to come back to their Dunwoody location to sample highlights from their autumn menu. We’ve written about this chain twice before, and noted that they revamp their menu somewhat about every thirteen weeks, adding a selection of wines that they label “Before they’re famous.” Continue reading “Seasons 52’s Autumn Menu”

Cibo e Beve, Sandy Springs GA

Two weeks ago, Marie and I joined several other area bloggers for a “Big Night Out” at Cibo e Beve to celebrate their first anniversary, enjoy a huge and delicious meal, and get the advance word on their forthcoming Sunday brunches, which will launch on August 5th. Continue reading “Cibo e Beve, Sandy Springs GA”

Season 52’s Summer Menu

This is Marie, contributing an article about a media event at Seasons 52 for the summer menu launch.

Seasons 52, as you may know, showed up in a prior chapter. They deserve another mention, however, as they work really hard to have a varying menu based on the freshest food available. Their original concept of having whatever was freshest and best on any particular week ran aground on the shoals of frustrated recommendations (“But my friend said you had the absolute best [whatever] and I should have it too!” “So sorry, that was last week. This week we have [new special] would you like to try that?”). Continue reading “Season 52’s Summer Menu”

Soho, Vinings GA

Since I grew up just on the other side of the interstate from Vinings – literally, when we were in middle school, we’d use a huge storm drain to get from the woods on one side of I-285 to the other – I got to see that neighborhood grow and swell. The church that we attended now houses both a Mellow Mushroom and a La Paz, and the small plot of land across the street was transformed into the Vinings Jubilee shopping center when we were in high school. Then we spent most of eleventh grade being bored on a Friday night being told to beat it off the property. None of us in those days, after all, were really dressed for an evening at Cafe Chanterelle, then, the crown jewel of the facility. Nor had we any money. Continue reading “Soho, Vinings GA”

Seasons 52, Atlanta GA

A couple of weeks ago, Marie and I were invited to join other local media at the Buckhead location of Seasons 52 to sample their spring menu. We were not familiar with this restaurant before. It’s a reasonably new “concept,” as it is termed in this business, from Darden, the corporation that owns such excessive-consumption chains as Red Lobster and Olive Garden. The first Seasons 52 opened in Orlando in 2003 and this store, one of two in Atlanta, opened in 2006. They have 27 locations in thirteen states. Continue reading “Seasons 52, Atlanta GA”