Tea and Chocolate in Athens GA

This is Marie, contributing an article that is, as is my habit, mainly about desserts. As my age increases and my waistline decides that it’s worked hard and long enough and mid-40’s is a good time to give in, these treats have to be slightly less frequent and a good deal less voluminous. Therefore it’s really important that they be superb, don’t you see! I can’t eat an entire bag of Hershey’s Kisses without serious consequences, nor do I actually particularly want to any more. Continue reading “Tea and Chocolate in Athens GA”

Ice Cream in Orlando

A really fun resource for people looking for fun things to look at while driving around is Debra Jane Seltzer’s Roadside Architecture. I look at it from time to time wondering what might be nice to see. You know what we don’t have a lot of in Georgia? Buildings shaped like ice cream cones. That’s okay. Florida’s got that covered. There’s a small chain of ice cream shops around central Florida called Twistee Treat, and we drove out to the one on E. Colonial Drive (FL-50) to get some milkshakes. Continue reading “Ice Cream in Orlando”

Big Chief Drive-In, Glencoe AL

So, on this trip to Alabama, we took a quick break from barbecue to visit a terrific A-frame restaurant. The Big Chief is in the town of Glencoe, right outside Gadsden, and it was originally built in 1963 as a Jack’s Hamburgers – although this was not the same Jack’s as the large fast food chain with locations all around Alabama and southern Tennessee, and in the towns of Tallapoosa and Carrollton in west Georgia. This Jack’s was owned by Jack Locklear, and he had one store here and another in Fort Payne. I’ve not found any evidence that there were any Jack’s Hamburgers other than these two, but would love to be corrected on that point. Continue reading “Big Chief Drive-In, Glencoe AL”

Anis Cafe & Bistro, Atlanta GA

A couple of chapters back, I mentioned that Marie’s father was in town and had hoped to have a meal at a French restaurant. As we enjoyed dinner of middle eastern food at Kish in Marietta, I looked up some possibilities for someplace new to us, and Anis Cafe and Bistro in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood popped up. I turned to David and asked whether I remembered correctly, that he’d mentioned this place to us once. He reminded me that he loves Anis and hoped that we’d go. Continue reading “Anis Cafe & Bistro, Atlanta GA”

The Yellow Deli, Chattanooga TN

Since 2012, I’ve taken five “circumnavigations,” little two-day eating fests around areas that we don’t often visit. I checked the calendar, and another one was coming up on the horizon as a maybe, and my daughter expressed a desire to see her mother in Kentucky for a little while. I decided to turn the traditional circumnavigation into a drop-off trip instead and expanded it with extra time in Nashville on the way up and a great big wonderful detour on the way back. Continue reading “The Yellow Deli, Chattanooga TN”

Pouch, Athens GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about baked goods – one savory, one sweet.

I had taken my boy for a day out in Athens. We had fun picking strawberries together, and wearing out the boy in the always delightful “World of Wonder Playground” in Southeast Clarke Park, working up quite an appetite in the process. We then went downtown to get some lunch. Continue reading “Pouch, Athens GA”