The Shrimp Boat, Rome GA

For those of you keeping track of such things (point of order: it’s only those of us who blog who keep track of such things!), Urbanspoon divides each state into “major metros” and then all the spaces in between become their own category. Georgia has ten “major metros” (Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, etc.) and then everyplace else, from Brunswick to Tallulah to Summerville to Thomasville, is all “Urbanspoon Georgia.” For our 100th Urbanspoon Georgia story, I wanted to select something a little bit special to me, so one Saturday last month while Marie had to work, I packed the kids up and we drove an hour northwest to Rome. It’s here that one of the oldest (possibly the very oldest) of the seven remaining Shrimp Boat restaurants is doing business in its second location. Continue reading “The Shrimp Boat, Rome GA”

Iguanas, Saint Simons Island GA

Frequently, I am asked – well, okay, never – “How does this whole ‘menu envy’ thing work?” Our visit to Iguanas, the fried seafood palace on Saint Simons Island’s main drag through the village, provided an absolutely perfect example of it. This got a little silly before it finished. Continue reading “Iguanas, Saint Simons Island GA”

Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp, Tybee Island GA

On our most recent trip to south Georgia, I wanted to make two stops in Savannah, and possibly see a little more of the city. We decided to have a lunch there both on the way down and on the way back, and so we timed an early departure from Atlanta in order to get to Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp on Tybee Island just as they opened. We made it on time and their kitchen wasn’t quite ready. We had about a half an hour’s delay. Fortunately, there’s a cheap tourist goods shop across the street, and plenty of space for the three year-old to get his wiggles out while we waited. Continue reading “Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp, Tybee Island GA”

Chef La’s Fish Fry, Smyrna GA

Last month, I dropped by Chef La’s Fish Fry in Smyrna for lunch. It’s on South Cobb Drive between the East-West Connector and 285 in a below-street level strip mall that also houses one of the region’s many Monterrey restaurants. I believe they opened last summer, and the “meet cute” story (as the late, great Roger Ebert would have called it) about how the happy couple who own this business got together is so darn cute that it is printed in great detail on one of the interior walls. Since the fish is fried to order, guests will have time to read the wall while waiting for their meal. Continue reading “Chef La’s Fish Fry, Smyrna GA”

PoBoys Cajun Grill, Florence AL

Here’s an experience that we hope is never repeated. Back in April, when we made the special announcement post about Florence Restaurant Week, one of our readers left a comment inviting us to stop by the restaurant where she worked. PoBoys Cajun Grill opened in October of 2013, and even though it was not participating in the event, we decided that it would be nice to stop by and say hello. Continue reading “PoBoys Cajun Grill, Florence AL”

Shrimp Boat, Gastonia NC

There are seven surviving Shrimp Boat / Boats restaurants from that chain that have continued since it folded into the present day. Previously, this blog has focused pretty exclusively on the two remaining from the 1969 period, as those are in the buildings that appealed to my sense of old restaurant architecture. But the other five shouldn’t be dismissed. They’re all part of one large and fascinating story. Continue reading “Shrimp Boat, Gastonia NC”

Shrimp Boats, Durham NC (CLOSED)

Last year, when we published our mammoth, photo-packed story about what’s left of the Shrimp Boats chain, it first went out without a photo of the Durham Shrimp Boats. It is one of seven survivors of that once 95-strong chain, and one of only two in a 1969-style building. I had intended then to make it to Durham on this trip to North Carolina to visit the restaurant, and was pleasantly surprised when one of our readers in the area, Erin Parr, volunteered to go take some pictures for me. We have, it’s been noted, the best readers in all of blogdom. Y’all are the best. Continue reading “Shrimp Boats, Durham NC (CLOSED)”