Acworth Fish Camp, Acworth GA

I’m starting to think that we’ve exhausted the possibilities of good eating in Acworth, the not-at-all cosmopolitan neighbor to the north of Kennesaw. There doesn’t seem to be a lot left that sounds interesting, and what we do see are places like the Acworth Fish Camp, which means well, and provides very good service to a very large crowd, but otherwise disappoints me. As we usually encourage local businesses, and applaud the ones like, in the previous chapter, Leon’s Full Service, who get so much of their food and drink from local farmers and breweries, the Fish Camp is an ugly and unfashionable throwback, with an archaic business model. It needs retiring. Continue reading “Acworth Fish Camp, Acworth GA”

Henry’s Louisiana Grill, Acworth GA

I’m a sucker for attention and personalized service from owners of good restaurants. Chef Henry Chandler either saw me walking along Acworth’s main street, looking in windows and snapping photos of the beautiful old buildings and figured me for some loudmouth with a web page, or he treats everybody who comes into his place as a valuable guest, because I hadn’t been in his restaurant for fifteen seconds before he took me by the hand, welcomed me with a roar and thanked me for coming. Continue reading “Henry’s Louisiana Grill, Acworth GA”

Zeigler’s BBQ, Acworth GA

As I drove north on US-41, I realized how long it had been since I was on this stretch of road. Honestly, the last time I was anywhere north of McCollum Air Field on Cobb Parkway was a good ten years back, when I was in the insurance industry and I went to see a broker in Cartersville and decided to take the long way home. Since then, apart from once going to a karaoke bar right in front of that air strip in 2005, I had not been this way, and so I did not know what to expect. It turns out that this long stretch of road decided to roll over and make way for the Wal-Mart. It’s just a long, hideous, pedestrian-unfriendly sprawl with every national retailer and restaurant represented in one awful, identical strip mall after another for miles and miles. Continue reading “Zeigler’s BBQ, Acworth GA”