Song Do BBQ Korean Restaurant, Duluth GA

A few Saturdays back, in part because I was in the mood to drive and didn’t mind going a little farther than normal, and in part because I wanted to finally clear this one Korean restaurant in Duluth from my to-do list, I asked Vincent and Helen to join us for supper in Gwinnett County. They had a better idea: we should meet them at a different Korean barbecue place in Duluth that they enjoy more. I shrugged and said fine, I’d try it, and I was very glad that we did, because Song Do, which is located in the same strip mall but around the corner from Titan Games & Comics, is really good and we had an excellent, filling meal here. Continue reading “Song Do BBQ Korean Restaurant, Duluth GA”

Goad Barbecue Company, Lawrenceville GA (CLOSED)

Lawrenceville, like Lilburn and Grayson and Snellville and all those other Gwinnett County municipalities, is in a black hole for our blog. Halfway from our house to Athens, I can’t quite get past the mental block that commands me to just drive on to Athens if I want to get some lunch, so the stars really need to line up right for me to visit a restaurant in these neighborhoods. Fortunately, I actually had lunchtime business – real live honest expense report for the mileage business – about six miles further up GA-316 one day a few weeks back, and so I could stop by Goad, a Texas-themed barbecue joint owned by a native of Abilene who’s brought his family’s style of cooking to this small suburban strip mall. His wife, Lisa Nutter Goad, had dropped me a line earlier in the year suggesting that I stop by. I love it when business owners reach out to us, even if the reality of our schedules means we don’t often get to visit. Continue reading “Goad Barbecue Company, Lawrenceville GA (CLOSED)”

Guthrie’s, Norcross GA (CLOSED)

For a few years in the mid-1990s, Marie lived in an apartment complex in Athens called Tivoli, and then she moved across the street to another place. From either of her front doors, she could have hit the back side of the Cedar Shoals Guthrie’s with a tennis ball. Marie is an excellent cook and claims that, in the 1990s, she didn’t eat out all that much, but when she didn’t feel like cooking, the Guthrie’s was awfully close by and very tasty. Continue reading “Guthrie’s, Norcross GA (CLOSED)”

Tipsy Pig BBQ, Lilburn GA

There’s a place in Gwinnett County that I almost went to visit one day in late October. Review Atlanta had written about Tipsy Pig in Lilburn and made it sound very promising. However, it is so far off the beaten path as to be just about halfway to Athens. I decided to set it aside until the next time we were heading to the Classic City. Since Tipsy Pig is, happily, open seven days a week, we could even go on a Sunday. Continue reading “Tipsy Pig BBQ, Lilburn GA”

Glenn’s Bar-B-Que, Conyers GA (CLOSED)

For the final stop on the Eastern Suburban BBQ Tour, the children and I visited Glenn’s, a restaurant with a lot of local history which is hanging in there despite a long series of setbacks. As I enjoyed the finely chopped, hickory-smoked pork, I was reminded of the flavor and consistency of what I think of as “classic Atlanta barbecue,” as exemplified by such older restaurants as Old Hickory House. But it is not only the food; Glenn’s backstory also reminds me of that restaurant. Glenn and Jean Yontz opened the first location of this chain in 1987 and, over the next decade, various family members opened satellite locations throughout the suburbs. At its peak, there were five stores in the chain, stretching from Snellville to Stockbridge. The chain failed in 2005. Continue reading “Glenn’s Bar-B-Que, Conyers GA (CLOSED)”

Bradley’s Bar-B-Que, Conyers GA

If our statistics are any indication, the barbecue map that I built for the CommunityWalk site is one of the most popular features on our site. There’s a link to it at the bottom of just about every chapter about a barbecue restaurant that we’ve posted over the last couple of years and it gets a lot of traffic from barbecue lovers. I was looking at it a few months ago and decided that the eastern suburbs were underrepresented on it. I picked four to visit, stopped by one of them in October, and, one Saturday last month while Marie was working, I took the kids out for an indulgent day of three lunches. Continue reading “Bradley’s Bar-B-Que, Conyers GA”

Bastie Boys BBQ, Buford GA (CLOSED)

Update: In what has got to be the most ridiculously quick shutdown of any we’ve ever experienced, and hopefully a record we’ll never beat, this restaurant has closed, three days after this post. Best wishes to Russ and James in the future!

I’ve mentioned previously that there are some barbecue places along I-985 / US-23 that I have been saving for a rainy day. Some of these are in the Urbanspoon Gainesville metro listing, but there are a few between exits 4 and 8 that are in the upper north extreme of the Urbanspoon Atlanta conglomerate. I’m aware of three, including one that I’ve been saving for the rainiest day (if you will) and two which are along Buford Highway. Yes, this is the same road that we’ve been discussing at length down in the city and Chamblee and Doraville, thirty miles away. Bella Vivere visited Bastie Boys BBQ back in February and liked it, and so when Matt phoned and asked if I wanted to meet up for some lunch here, I figured we’d have a pretty good meal. Continue reading “Bastie Boys BBQ, Buford GA (CLOSED)”