Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, Nashville TN

We arrived in Nashville a little more than half an hour behind schedule. Then we pulled into Hattie B’s and realized we’d be even further behind. Sometimes, I think I prefer it when we just get there when we get there. Continue reading “Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, Nashville TN”


San Antonio Taco Company, Nashville TN

On one of those whirlwind tours around Nashville that I experienced from the back seat of one of my friends’ cars in the early 2000s, we whizzed past San Antonio Taco Company and I said that I must try them one day. It took me a few years, and while I was never a regular, I ate there three or four times before we began blogging. It is a fun and very busy place that goes a small way toward remedying the inescapable reality of being a Vanderbilt undergrad. Nashville isn’t a college town. There’s no culture here, like you see in Oxford or Athens, of small, quirky, inexpensive places for college students to go off campus and eat dirt cheap. Well, there’s a stretch a little down the road in the Belcourt neighborhood, where Pancake Pantry is, that almost feels right, but on the north end of campus, there’s Rotier’s and Hog Heaven and the Ellison Place Soda Shop going one direction, and this place and Noshville on another, but it’s all spread out across very busy roads and punctuated by lots of national chains. Continue reading “San Antonio Taco Company, Nashville TN”

Noshville, Nashville TN

This is Marie with an article that contains no desserts at all, though it does have something that is nearly as yummy – salami. I didn’t like salami nearly as much before I got pregnant and swore off the stuff for a very long time. This article is about a place that is, as a result, nearly synonymous with salami for me. On our first visit, sometime while we were still dating, we stopped by this place mainly because it was across the street from a comic and music store that was dear to my husband’s heart, but now it is a destination to itself. Which is good, because the comic and music store moved to a soulless strip mall that probably has better rent prices and definitely has more floor space. Continue reading “Noshville, Nashville TN”

Rotier’s Restaurant and Hog Heaven, Nashville TN

In the previous chapter, I wrote about two reasonably new restaurants in Nashville that we had not tried before this visit. This time around, a pair of considerably older restaurants that I have enjoyed before. I was visiting Music City long before Marie and I started blogging, after all. Plenty of favorites have come up in the mix. Continue reading “Rotier’s Restaurant and Hog Heaven, Nashville TN”

Gigi’s Cupcakes

When Grant was planning the itinerary for an afternoon together, he included Gigi’s because of my taste for sweets and our daughter’s more specific adoration of cupcakes. Sadly, neither of us showed much enthusiasm. The girlchild was under the weather and wanted to sit out this food trek, asking only for a comfort snack of Krystal to be borne home to her after we were done. In my case the problem was the memory of another dedicated cupcake store in Nashville. When I reminded him of that visit, Grant diplomatically replied that he understood I had been “underwhelmed” by that place. So I figured I would hold my enthusiasm until we went to his selection. More on that later. Continue reading “Gigi’s Cupcakes”

Pancake Pantry, Nashville TN

Nashville has not made an appearance in this blog before now, despite it being one of my favorite cities and one which we try to visit at least twice a year. It’s absolutely packed with good restaurants, great people and some wonderful friends, and I wasn’t about to consider a trip to Memphis without swinging back through Nashville to shop, visit and eat. Continue reading “Pancake Pantry, Nashville TN”