Blue Sky Barbecue, Woodstock GA (CLOSED)

One indecisive Saturday recently, the girlchild asked to stay in bed, and so her brother and I went out to eat something. I was so indecisive that I started one direction and changed my mind, and then turned the other way. I finally figured out which direction out of our neighborhood that I should go when I remembered hearing that a barbecue place opened on the outskirts of Woodstock last year. It’s called Blue Sky Barbecue and it’s just off GA-92, less than a mile west of I-575 on the way to Acworth. Continue reading “Blue Sky Barbecue, Woodstock GA (CLOSED)”


Turkey Tacos at Del Taco

Devotees of fast food retail in Georgia may recall that, prior to Del Taco’s cautious re-emergence in Georgia two years ago, the chain was last seen (from c. 1996-2003) in a half-dozen shared-space locations, joint-menu joints with Mrs. Winner’s. None of these were located anywhere near convenient to where I lived during that period, but there was one in Woodstock on GA-92. In the spring of 2003, I moved – at the time, it was just me, the girlchild, and the rarely-seen older teenage boy – to our current digs in Kenne-rietta, a few exits south of this store. That very first weekend, I drove the children up here for supper, only to find that the franchisee had ended the long experiment a couple of weeks previously, and left these RTM-owned stores selling Mrs. Winner’s chicken only. (There’s a good overview of Del Taco’s history in Georgia at Sky City, if you haven’t already seen it.) Continue reading “Turkey Tacos at Del Taco”

Peace, Love and Pizza, Woodstock GA

Hmmm. A tricky subject, this one. A while back, I wrote about this place’s original location in Kennesaw and praised the really excellent pizza. I also, playfully I thought, teased the business on their design, made up principally from dorm room Hendrix posters, and got a barrel of buckshot from the business’s owner for my cheek. You wouldn’t think that a deeply silly chapter that evoked the omnipresent “Hey man! Is that Freedom Rock?!” TV ads of the late eighties would aggravate anybody, but some people are touchy. Suffice it to say that subsequent trips to Kennesaw to pick up their excellent pies were done very quietly, lest our cover be blown. Continue reading “Peace, Love and Pizza, Woodstock GA”

Habanero’s Taqueria, Woodstock GA

Last month, I mentioned that I’d found some places in north Cobb that sounded interesting, and that Marie and our girlchild were taking turns selecting restaurants from the list. It was my daughter’s turn and she wanted to visit the Mexican place on the list, so we drove up a few exits to Woodstock and a new place called Habanero’s Taqueria. It opened in a strip mall near GA-92, in the space that had previously been the home of another Mexican-style restaurant, El Cafetero. Continue reading “Habanero’s Taqueria, Woodstock GA”

Izumi Asian Bistro, Woodstock GA

A few Saturdays back, Marie and I were planning to stay in our neck of the woods for supper, having already spent the afternoon inside the perimeter. She said that she was in the mood for Thai, and a quick look over Urbanspoon pointed us toward Izumi, a restaurant on Towne Lake Parkway in Woodstock. We’ve driven past this place many times before without really noticing it. It’s on the corner of a strip mall with a quite nice patio out front, and since this was just about the first Saturday evening in living memory that wasn’t boiling, we enjoyed kicking back outside with three dozen or so other diners, enjoying the music of a good singer and guitarist named Sonny Legaspi. Continue reading “Izumi Asian Bistro, Woodstock GA”

Beetles BBQ, Woodstock GA (CLOSED)

A local blogger who goes by the handle Maple Lane dropped me a line, noting that Beetles BBQ in Woodstock had not made its way onto our pages. This wasn’t entirely an oversight; I visited once, many years ago, when Bill Beadle still owned it, and didn’t have a really great experience, but, in fairness, that was more to do with a personal disagreement at the time than with the food. I’ve mentioned here before that it’s never, ever, ever a good idea to try a new place when you’re not happy about something or with somebody. It overpowers your memory of the food. So, hearing that Beadle had sold his business to a fellow named Satterfield, who’s lowered the prices, and remembering that it’s only fair to give places another try, I agreed that I should get back over here. Continue reading “Beetles BBQ, Woodstock GA (CLOSED)”

JD’s Bar-B-Que, Woodstock GA

I’ll tell you, friends and readers, it is always a pleasure when a new, good, local barbecue blog sets up shop and makes an effort to use Urbanspoon to connect with readers. I’ve mentioned previously that there are a few awesome ones in the region, such as Buster’s BBQ Blog, Chopped Onion, and Where’s the Best BBQ?, that just don’t have any interest in connecting with readers through Urbanspoon, and I think that’s a shame. It’s easier for readers to catch updates, and it brings them extra eyeballs and traffic with very, very little work. Seriously, scroll to the bottom of this entry. See the little blue and yellow box with the restaurant address? It takes fewer than five seconds to add to each entry, and it brings me more than a thousand visitors a month. Everybody wins. Continue reading “JD’s Bar-B-Que, Woodstock GA”