Big Dipper, Owensboro KY

For about the only time on this trip, we were ahead of schedule, so after we left Ole South, we took a minute to drive across the beautiful Glover Cary Bridge from Owensboro into Indiana. It’s such a curious drive, going city, river, absolutely nothing. I wonder why there’s no development at all across the river. Anyway, on the way back across, we saw that J.R. Miller Boulevard is actually raised up above the small downtown area, home to a pretty busy retail area, a couple of museums, and a downright astonishing playground in Smothers Park. Continue reading “Big Dipper, Owensboro KY”

Ole South Bar-B-Q, Owensboro KY

We have not done a good job with reporting on barbecued mutton. Marie and I made one quickie trip to Owensboro, which claims that it is the “barbecue capital of the world” to raised eyebrows everywhere else, in 2010 and had a single meal of mutton, and then I motored through on a circumnavigation this past summer and had one more serving. I figured that we could probably do a better job than that. Continue reading “Ole South Bar-B-Q, Owensboro KY”

Photo Post 21: Dinosaur World, Cave City KY

I try not to type much when we make one of these sporadic photo posts, but here’s the deal. Normally, we’d have thought about something closer to home rather than making two long trips to western Kentucky in one year, but back in June, I drove past Dinosaur World and figured that our four year-old might enjoy that. Then I had a couple of very promising meals in the region and started putting money in the breadbox for a return trip. This turned out to be a really, really good idea. Sadly, the girlchild missed out on the fun – we said goodbye to her in the parking lot – but her younger brother had more fun than you thought possible on this trip, with several kid-friendly stops punctuating the restaurants. We even got to see a dimetrodon! (Although not, sadly, a fire-breathing one.) Continue reading “Photo Post 21: Dinosaur World, Cave City KY”

The Colonel’s Mini-Mart, Henderson KY (CLOSED)

At the beginning of June, I had the tremendous pleasure and very good fortune to enjoy the breathtakingly good fried chicken at The Colonel’s Mini-Mart, just outside of Henderson KY. The good fortune came in arranging the opportunity to eat here before the storied restaurant shut down for good just eight days later. Continue reading “The Colonel’s Mini-Mart, Henderson KY (CLOSED)”

Moonlite Bar-B-Que Inn, Owensboro KY

Five years ago, we visited the city of Owensboro for the first time, and tried smoked mutton at Old Hickory, one of the city’s two best-known, and big, barbecue joints. I remember really enjoying it, although the years, and all the barbecue that I’ve eaten since, have dulled the specifics of my memory. As we expanded our experience of different techniques and preparation styles, I thought more about how Old Hickory served their chopped mutton drowned in the “dip,” a thin and black Worcestershire-heavy brew, and wondered whether, the next time I found myself in Owensboro, I could try the meat dry, or whether cooking in the sauce was standard for western Kentucky, as it is – in very, very different sauces, of course – across middle Georgia. Continue reading “Moonlite Bar-B-Que Inn, Owensboro KY”

Skyline Chili, Louisville KY

You might truly make the point that if I was going to be in Louisville, I could have visited one of the city’s many iconic or vintage or awesome and independent restaurants. Good grief, the nation’s only remaining Ollie’s Trolley is in Louisville, and surely I should see that. But this was a very rare trip for me to a city that I do not love, and I had places in western Kentucky waiting for me. My daughter and I love Cincinnati-style chili, and so we beat a path to a Skyline, and I dropped her with her people, and I moved on out of town. Continue reading “Skyline Chili, Louisville KY”

City Barbeque, Lexington KY

It’s not accurate to say that our dining out on this trip went off without a hitch. We hit every restaurant that we hoped to visit but one: the Tolly-Ho in Lexington. The plan had been to visit the Explorium Children’s Museum in that city on the way home, but first, we got a later start than we thought, since our visit to Jungle Jim’s was such an adventure. Then, as we crawled down the street in that city we were directed down, through bumper-to-bumper traffic, we saw that the Explorium didn’t have a dedicated parking lot, and all the surface lots were a steep $15-20 to park! Hideous traffic, very high parking charges, and twenty thousand people walking around in blue and gray… yes, that’s right, I forgot to check the sports schedules of the cities we’d be visiting. Continue reading “City Barbeque, Lexington KY”