Jack Cobb & Son Bar-B-Q, Farmville NC

There’s a story that Lexington NC might have the most barbecue restaurants, per capita, of any place in the nation. It’s possible that Farmville NC might have the most barber shops. I saw at least three on one stretch of road in this tiny little town of 4600. One is across the street from Jack Cobb & Son, a simply spectacular barbecue joint that doesn’t have any indoor seating. I ate my barbecue in my car and I’m not sure what I feared more: slipping up and getting any barbecue sauce on my beautiful, beautiful car’s seats, or slipping up and wasting a drop of this beautiful, beautiful sauce. There used to be a screened porch for outdoor seating here, but it’s been gone for a couple of years. Continue reading “Jack Cobb & Son Bar-B-Q, Farmville NC”

Carolina Bar-B-Q, Statesville NC

The next stop on my drive was in the town of Statesville, and it really was a great one. Carolina Bar-B-Q, which Gene and Linda Medlin opened in 1985, was absolutely excellent. I’d rank it second behind Lexington’s Bar-B-Q Center as my favorite barbecue stop on this tour. Continue reading “Carolina Bar-B-Q, Statesville NC”

Hill’s Lexington Barbecue, Winston-Salem NC

I stayed the night in the Bates Motel. Don’t take my word for it. After I returned, I was asked by Expedia to review the hotel, and I was pleased to note the lack of wi-fi and a room fridge as had been advertised. Three of the ten previous reviews mentioned the Bates Motel. And you thought it was on the west coast. None of my other, affordable choices had been available, since the ACC Tournament did a number on room vacancy throughout the Triad. So there’s the plus side to dropping Stamey’s from my itinerary: I finally figured out where all the decent hotel rooms in Winston-Salem had got to. Continue reading “Hill’s Lexington Barbecue, Winston-Salem NC”

Short Sugar’s, Reidsville NC

So I started putting this trip together late last year. I planned and replanned and mapped and mapped again. I was totally happy with the itinerary and printed out all my directions. The morning before I was set to leave, I took one last look at Google Maps, zooming in with street view to give me a good idea at what was around each of the destinations. I noticed that my planned final stop, Stamey’s in Greensboro was across the street – literally – from some big coliseum or other. I figured that I should probably check whether there might be a concert that Friday evening. It would help to have some advance notice of a Widespread Panic show or somebody causing traffic backup. Continue reading “Short Sugar’s, Reidsville NC”

Hursey’s Bar-B-Q, Burlington NC

It’s an unfortunate mathematical reality: every time I take a big eating tour and visit a whole pile of restaurants across two days, one of them is going to be my least favorite. I don’t wish to linger on such things, and so here, briefly, is Hursey’s. Continue reading “Hursey’s Bar-B-Q, Burlington NC”

Allen & Son Barbeque, Chapel Hill NC

Allen & Son was the farthest east that I ate on this trip to North Carolina, and that’s still not east enough to actually be Eastern North Carolina barbecue. Like the restaurants in the Piedmont Triad, they smoke pork shoulders. However, the sauce is proving to be a little bone of contention. Continue reading “Allen & Son Barbeque, Chapel Hill NC”

Wink’s King of Barbecue and Seafood, Salisbury NC

In the 1960s, a guy named Wink Wasler operated a small chain of restaurants in this stretch of the state between Charlotte and Greensboro called Wink’s Barbecue and Seafood. I understand that there were maybe six of them, but today only this one remains, the name slightly rejigged to reflect the lion logo that appears on the restaurant’s signage. Continue reading “Wink’s King of Barbecue and Seafood, Salisbury NC”