Photo Post 18: Photos of Florence

There was a lot more to do and see in the Shoals than merely eat!
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Photo Post 17: Vintage Walk-Up Dairy Queen in Charlotte

Let’s say that you’re in Charlotte and are making your way from the Rock Hill area to the celebrated Bar-B-Q King. That’s precisely what we did three years ago, and we drove right past this fun old vintage Dairy Queen and didn’t notice it. Quite some time later, I saw it featured along with several other old Dairy Queens at one of my favorite sites, Chopped Onion. I was amazed and aggravated that something so neat is located within sight of a restaurant that we visited and we missed it. Continue reading “Photo Post 17: Vintage Walk-Up Dairy Queen in Charlotte”

Photo Post 16: South Cobb Drive

There used to be a great site called Not Fooling Anybody. It’s been stuck on this “Please Stand By” page for years, but some of its backmatter still exists if you play on the Wayback Machine. Our friend David recently reminded us of this hobby that we love – spotting and documenting conversions of old restaurants and businesses – when he found a newer, similar site, Used to Be a Pizza Hut. I figured there were a couple of converted Pizza Huts that I could shoot for these guys. Then I figured that a few more things stood out in my memory, and they’re all on the same stretch of road. Well, almost. Continue reading “Photo Post 16: South Cobb Drive”

Photo Post 15: Restaurants and Robots in South Carolina

We found some interesting spots on our trip through the Upstate that we did not visit this time around. Here’s an interesting sign in Anderson. In the brief period in the 1950s when Zesto was a nearly-national chain, this place opened. When the chain went bust around 1955, the stores were left to make it on their own. Sometime between 1955 and 1962, this store changed its name to Besto and it’s been happily serving up for the last fifty-plus years. It is closed on Saturdays. I guess nobody in Anderson wants a milkshake on Saturdays. (The actual building is a nondescript nothing of a fast food structure, not at all as fun and silly as many of the thriving Zesto stores in Atlanta and Columbia.) Continue reading “Photo Post 15: Restaurants and Robots in South Carolina”

Photo Post 14: The Rex in Jacksonville FL

In August of last year, we spent a day in Chattanooga and made a stop by Sir Goony’s for me to run around with the camera shooting the various mini-golf obstacles. One of these obstacles was a big orange tyrannosaur. The Goony Golf chain was a 1960s-era ripoff of Florida’s Goofy Golf. Roadside Architecture has documented all these surviving places fairly well – about a million times better than we can ever do – and while I was looking around her site for ideas for toddler-friendly things to do and see in Jacksonville, I was pleased to see that a lone Goony tyrannosaur was still standing guard at a shopping center. (You want dinosaurs in Florida? She’s got two pages of them!) Continue reading “Photo Post 14: The Rex in Jacksonville FL”

Photo Post 13: Holiday Trains at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

In a chapter last year, we mentioned that we had really enjoyed taking our baby to see the Holiday Trains exhibit, which appears for a week every December at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Of course, this mention did not do anybody any good, because our chapters are typically posted several weeks after a visit. This year, I wanted to be ready for these guys, because the North Georgia Tinplate Trackers have a really great setup that is certain to thrill your kids. It’s two trains racing around in not-very-fast speeds, with several interactive displays of wintertime fun and silliness that children can manipulate. I enjoyed the challenge of taking some cute photos of their big display. Continue reading “Photo Post 13: Holiday Trains at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta”

Photo Post 12: Sir Goony’s in Chattanooga

Here’s something I’ve been wanting to do for many, many months. We first drove past Sir Goony’s one day last year as we were using Brainerd Road to cross the area instead of I-24, and, earlier in the summer, I had an early lunch right next door to it at Rib & Loin, but this was the first chance that I’ve had to spend a few minutes walking around the course taking pictures of the statues and obstacles. I picked some of the best photos for you to see. Continue reading “Photo Post 12: Sir Goony’s in Chattanooga”