Majestic Diner, Atlanta GA (take two)

Recently, we’ve been visiting and revisiting some of Atlanta’s older restaurants, paying particular attention to the ones buried very deep in this blog and only given a couple of illustrations. The Majestic Diner was an obvious choice to try again. Marie and I came by a couple of Fridays ago, and, as with our recent trip to the Silver Skillet, she had a late breakfast and I had a pretty good lunch. Continue reading “Majestic Diner, Atlanta GA (take two)”


S & S Cafeterias, Tucker GA (CLOSED)

Because I’m something of a dimwit at the best of times, it never actually registered and sank in that Atlanta is home to two locations of the old S & S Cafeterias chain. In my meager defense, I’m rarely on Chamblee-Tucker Road and never on Campbellton, where the second Atlanta store is located, but that’s no excuse. S & S is an old Georgia chain and deserves a little notice. Unfortunately, the notice that finally got me to register that there’s an S & S on Chamblee-Tucker was the notice that it won’t be with us for much longer. Continue reading “S & S Cafeterias, Tucker GA (CLOSED)”

Andretti Indoor Karting, Marietta GA

Like many communters driving back and forth on I-75 in Cobb County, I wondered what would possibly move into the big building that had been, for so many years, a huge Burlington Coat Factory. We all watched as the structure was redesigned for Andretti Indoor Karting, including the addition of a gorgeous skylight. I didn’t think this sort of place was entirely my cup of tea, and didn’t anticipate visiting, but Brave, the public relations team that works with Andretti, invited Marie and me to come out with our kids, and we were proven wrong. The children had a completely wild and wonderful time, and even us boring old fuddy-duddies enjoyed a good meal and a thrill or two. Continue reading “Andretti Indoor Karting, Marietta GA”

Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe, Douglasville GA

Over the years, we’ve received hundreds of suggestions and ideas about places to visit around the southeast, and the runaway number one in the Atlanta area has definitely been Gumbeaux’s, a cajun-style restaurant in Douglasville. It’s in that town’s charming single-side historic downtown, with the businesses on one side and the train tracks on the other, and it’s incredibly popular. We arrived on a Saturday last month about 11.45 and may have been the last party to be seated without having to wait. Continue reading “Gumbeaux’s Cajun Cafe, Douglasville GA”

The Brickery, Sandy Springs GA (take three) (CLOSED)

We have a crowded schedule at the best of times, and November and December are just about the worst of times, so we made sure to get over to the Brickery Grill and Bar for what will probably be our last supper there a few weeks ago. After a quarter of a century, the Sandy Springs institution will be shutting its doors in a few weeks. Developers have bought the dying strip mall where the restaurant currently resides and will soon be erecting some gigantic thing or other, apparently because the traffic at Roswell Road, Hildebrandt, Hammond, Mount Vernon and Johnson Ferry isn’t terrible enough already. Continue reading “The Brickery, Sandy Springs GA (take three) (CLOSED)”

Chicken Salad Chick, Kennesaw GA

So, my daughter. God bless her, she’s a teenager. Is she ever a teenager. Because on the one hand, she’s prone to push back against what we’d like her to do, and eat, and because on the other hand, she wants to eat where all her friends eat, she doesn’t often join us when we pick a place that sounds too weird. And by weird, we mean a Chinese place that doesn’t offer sweet and sour chicken with broccoli. Meryn Cadell once sang of a girl who longed for “the boy of your dreams who is the same boy in the dreams of all your friends.” My girl. Continue reading “Chicken Salad Chick, Kennesaw GA”

Diner, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty patient fellow, but nothing’s worse than waiting and waiting for a restaurant to open, in part because we tend to wait a couple of months to give the management and staff time to work out the kinks before we visit a new place. We’re not in Atlantic Station very often, but Ron Eyester’s latest restaurant, called simply Diner, sat so enticingly for so long. I enjoy Eyester’s work a whole lot, and he’s often very funny on Twitter (a plus), so when the stars lined up just right, I was so glad to stop by. Continue reading “Diner, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”