Hudson’s BBQ, Roberta GA

At the next stop on my little tour of middle Georgia, I visited a place with the silliest mascot I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s a cartoon pig with antlers. See, at Hudson’s, deer hunters are very, very welcome. There are dozens of mounted trophies all over the interior walls and a very large lunch crowd. Hunting is very popular on Saturday mornings in Crawford County, and Hudson’s is where everybody comes after a morning in the woods. The place was packed, and I think that I was very, very clearly the only non-regular here on this visit. Continue reading “Hudson’s BBQ, Roberta GA”

Tucker’s Bar-B-Q, Macon GA

For people who love old, old barbecue restaurants, middle Georgia is a must-visit. Around the Macon area, some of the oldest in the state are doing business. In the Atlanta area, I believe that our oldest that are still in business date back to the 1960s, but almost* all the really old-timers are in the middle of the state. There’s Fresh Air, of course, which is a little north of here, and Fincher’s, and the White Diamond in Bonaire, and the first of the barbecue places that I visited on this trip, Tucker’s, which opened as a carhop drive-in back in 1947. Continue reading “Tucker’s Bar-B-Q, Macon GA”

H & H Restaurant, Macon GA

And then there was the time I drove to Indiana twice – twice! – for something I could have eaten in Macon.

Marie wanted to spend her birthday weekend taking a super-quick visit to see her parents, but I honestly couldn’t get behind spending that much time in the car without making many, many stops. She wanted to set the land speed record getting to the island via the interstate after dark in order to spend as many available hours down there, and I would want to take the Golden Isles Parkway and visit at least four new-to-us restaurants. So she went on her own and I decided to mosey around in middle Georgia. Continue reading “H & H Restaurant, Macon GA”

Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Gray GA (take two)

If the road ever does take us away from Georgia to live somewhere else – and it might, it just might – then I will miss Old Clinton Bar-B-Q more than any other restaurant in the state. We made the detour here when we went down to Saint Simons Island for Christmas. I think it was our fourth visit, possibly fifth, and the place is so good and so wonderful that even our teenage girlchild, who has been known to protest that we eat at too many barbecue restaurants by ordering something else, ordered a plate of chopped pork as I did. What a good, sensible kid she sometimes is. Continue reading “Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Gray GA (take two)”

Smok’n Pig Bar-B-Que, Macon GA (CLOSED)

Wow, it has been more than a month since our last first-time visit to a barbecue place. We’ve been eating well, obviously, but we’ve also been returning to some old favorites more than we have been exploring. Case in point: just two days before we stopped into the second Georgia location of Smok’n Pig Bar-B-Que, we had supper at Southern Soul on St. Simons Island, one of the all-time best, in our book. Continue reading “Smok’n Pig Bar-B-Que, Macon GA (CLOSED)”

Pho Saigon, Macon GA

People sometimes ask us the same question that I asked once upon a time when I have noticed one of our fellow hobbyists announcing that they were having a baby: will this change your eating routines? For a long time – and I mean absolutely no disrespect at all to other writers who have cut down on their dining out or posting in the wake of having kids – our three year-old didn’t impact our routine very much at all. We just didn’t let him! That kid was in his baby seat at Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs the day after we brought him home, and he’s been with us practically ever since. Most of the time, he’s been really good, keeps reasonably quiet, and not a single bagel has been thrown across a restaurant. He’s kind of bad, lately, about wanting to stand up in his chair, but most three year-olds try to get away with that, and on the whole, if you’d asked me anytime from his birth in the spring of ’11 through the end of last year whether our boy has changed our routine, I’d have said “barely at all.” Continue reading “Pho Saigon, Macon GA”

The Rookery, Macon GA

Timing a lunch in Macon when we’re leaving Atlanta is easy, but it’s a little more difficult scheduling to meet with our good friends in that city, Rex and Rachel, when we’re coming from Glynn County, since it is so far away. Also, we knew this time that we’d need to make at least one Baby Mercy Break, plus a detour to take pictures of that old chicken restaurant, and a four-mile stretch of I-16 had one lane closed for construction. But somehow, we timed it pretty well and met up with Rex at The Rookery, on 543 Cherry Street in downtown Macon right about when I thought we could. Rachel, who just started a terrific new job that has her glowing with happiness at how awesome it is, was a little behind, but the six of us took a table in this fantastic old building with a lot of history. Continue reading “The Rookery, Macon GA”