Mullet Bay, Saint Simons Island GA

For Christmas, Marie’s dad took everybody to supper at Mullet Bay. This is one of Saint Simons Island’s biggest and best-known fried fish palaces. If you have never visited the Golden Isles, and your experience with coastal dining is based on what you see at, say, Mobile, or Panama City, or Hilton Head, then you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the much smaller and simpler Saint Simons doesn’t have row after row of the sort of three-story amusement park-like seafood barns that are ubiquitous around other coasts. Continue reading “Mullet Bay, Saint Simons Island GA”

Jerk Shack, Brunswick GA

We are always looking out for restaurants to try in Brunswick, since we think that we have covered Saint Simons Island pretty well. I have my eye on a couple of places on the mainland, but when a review of Jerk Shack bubbled up at just the right time, I decided to give that place a try ahead of the competition. Marie really enjoys Jamaican cuisine and has hinted that we never quite get enough of it for her liking. So on our second day on the coast, we took a little drive back across the causeway. First we let the girlchild do some shopping in some vintage clothing stores, while Marie let the toddler enjoy some reading and relaxation in the public library. I looked through old city directories, chasing a lead that went nowhere, and then we drove north to Altama Avenue to find this ramshackle little business. Continue reading “Jerk Shack, Brunswick GA”

Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria, Saint Simons Island GA

This is Marie, writing a story about a restaurant on Saint Simons that was recommended by a reader named Lyndon earlier this year. We recently had the opportunity to visit Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria on our most recent visit to south Georgia. My mother, familiar with the restaurant, assured us with great vigor that unless we wanted a toddler-tantrum-inducing wait, that we’d have to get there before 5:30. We got there just about at 5:30, and there was already a half hour wait. Luckily the toddler was gracious about it. Continue reading “Sal’s Neighborhood Pizzeria, Saint Simons Island GA”

Twin Oaks, Brunswick GA

Brunswick reminds me of Columbus in the late 1990s. There’s life to be seen, and people who want their city to shine, but there’s some kind of kick in the pants needed to get the local economy moving. In the case of Columbus, that was the twin engines of an uptown that embraced several bars, coffee shops, and boutique stores that catered to the younger people of the city, and then Columbus State University deciding to invest heavily in building some dormitories on top of the growing noise, giving constant turnover of people to frequent the businesses on their block. Last we heard, some busybodies in Muscogee County had been griping that Young People Trying to Study don’t need the temptation of the demon drink, but I don’t think they’ve got far. I have it on good authority that the Uptown Tap on Broadway does a wild amount of business on Monday evenings. Continue reading “Twin Oaks, Brunswick GA”

Gary Lee’s Market, Brunswick GA

When Brunswick’s Georgia Pig closed in the spring of 2012, many people agreed that was a shame, particularly since finding good barbecue on that corridor has always been a little tricky. Over at, a user called Greymo suggested that about four miles inside the highway, away from the coast, much better barbecue could be found at a little place called Gary Lee’s Market. I added it to our to-do list in the region, but a few lines down from the top. In fact, it was so far down the list that, back in January, when we came down US-82 through Tifton and Waycross, we drove right past it and I turned to Marie and said “I think that was that place that I read about on the internet that time.” I am certain that many of you have said much the same thing to your own loved ones. Continue reading “Gary Lee’s Market, Brunswick GA”

Olive Affairs, Brunswick GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Olive Affairs. But first, I need to say a little bit about how I wound up there. Grant and I were having a separate weekend, with him taking the girlchild up to Tennessee while I brought the boychild down to visit his grandparents. Originally, the plan had been to collect a restaurant in Savannah after the boy worked off some of his wiggles in the Children’s Museum there, but the trip took longer than anticipated and I realized that the timing had us getting out of Savannah on a Friday at rush hour which although not up to Atlanta standards was nevertheless a Very Bad Idea. Continue reading “Olive Affairs, Brunswick GA”

Photo Post 6: Two of Our Favorites

Over the previous seven chapters, we shared some restaurants that were new to us. It’s always a pleasure to visit new places and bring those experiences to our readers, but, to be perfectly honest, sometimes it is an even greater pleasure to revisit a place that we really love, and which has already been featured here. Continue reading “Photo Post 6: Two of Our Favorites”