SideStreet Burgers, Olive Branch MS

If I may be allowed to wear my “well, some people in this hobby take me seriously, so I’ll speak seriously once in a while” hat for two paragraphs, I really don’t like it at all when people delete their blogs. Yeah, I understand that long, long-term blogging is uncommon, and many hobbyists lose interest and find new hobbies – or start families, that seems to derail or sideline quite a few bloggers who, upon becoming a daddy or mommy, elect to eat out a lot less – and let their blogs wrap up for a while. That’s disappointing, but understandable. Continue reading “SideStreet Burgers, Olive Branch MS”


Wiley’s Championship BBQ, Savannah GA

We had a really fun treat on our way home from Saint Simons Island. We stopped in for a couple of hours at the Savannah Children’s Museum, one of five properties around the city that are “powered” by the Coastal Heritage Society. It and its site neighbor, the Georgia State Railroad Museum, are set up in the remains of an old repair facility for the Central of Georgia Railway, most of which was built in the 1840s. At present, the children’s museum is almost entirely outdoors – so dress accordingly and bring sunscreen and water! – but they are hard at work fundraising for a mammoth facility within the to-be-renovated walls of one of the huge ruins. They utilize the open space extremely well, with a simple maze, slides, painting area, costume alcove, and a beautiful garden. This is absolutely one of our all-time favorite children’s museums and we enjoyed playing here a lot. Travelers, bring your kids and make a morning of it here! Continue reading “Wiley’s Championship BBQ, Savannah GA”

Pal’s Sudden Service, Johnson City TN

So our spring trip was truncated from four days in western Tennessee to two days in eastern Tennessee. We started the road trip with the main destination, a very good restaurant that I’d wanted to visit for many years, but we weren’t about to leave the Tri-Cities area without a visit to a very neat little restaurant chain. Continue reading “Pal’s Sudden Service, Johnson City TN”

Photo Post 15: Restaurants and Robots in South Carolina

We found some interesting spots on our trip through the Upstate that we did not visit this time around. Here’s an interesting sign in Anderson. In the brief period in the 1950s when Zesto was a nearly-national chain, this place opened. When the chain went bust around 1955, the stores were left to make it on their own. Sometime between 1955 and 1962, this store changed its name to Besto and it’s been happily serving up for the last fifty-plus years. It is closed on Saturdays. I guess nobody in Anderson wants a milkshake on Saturdays. (The actual building is a nondescript nothing of a fast food structure, not at all as fun and silly as many of the thriving Zesto stores in Atlanta and Columbia.) Continue reading “Photo Post 15: Restaurants and Robots in South Carolina”

Photo Post 13: Holiday Trains at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

In a chapter last year, we mentioned that we had really enjoyed taking our baby to see the Holiday Trains exhibit, which appears for a week every December at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Of course, this mention did not do anybody any good, because our chapters are typically posted several weeks after a visit. This year, I wanted to be ready for these guys, because the North Georgia Tinplate Trackers have a really great setup that is certain to thrill your kids. It’s two trains racing around in not-very-fast speeds, with several interactive displays of wintertime fun and silliness that children can manipulate. I enjoyed the challenge of taking some cute photos of their big display. Continue reading “Photo Post 13: Holiday Trains at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta”

Blue Bell Makes Ice Cream at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

This is Marie, contributing a tiny little article about ice cream. You see, for National Ice Cream Day, Blue Bell sent a couple of representatives to The Children’s Museum of Atlanta to show kids how to make ice cream, and to hand out samples of their Homemade Vanilla. Continue reading “Blue Bell Makes Ice Cream at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta”