El Rey del Taco, Doraville GA (take two)

This is the quintessential example of a blogger-only problem, but I’ve about hit the point where the thrill of visiting a new-to-me restaurant on Buford Highway is actually not quite as guaranteed as the pleasure of revisiting one of the greats that I’ve gotten to know a little bit. So if I’m in the mood for tacos on this stretch of road, I might want to try something new, and certainly will again, but I’m also likely to want to return to either El Señor Taco, which might just have the best salsa bar in the city, or Martin Macias’s El Rey del Taco, which, two and a half years ago, was the very first Buford Highway restaurant that we featured here. (How many more we’ve been to after this!) Continue reading “El Rey del Taco, Doraville GA (take two)”

Gu’s Bistro, Doraville GA (take two) (CLOSED)

I issued a standing demand to Emily, our friend from Spatialdrift, as she and Adam continued their inexorable march north up Buford Highway eating at every single non-chain restaurant. When she got to Gu’s Bistro, I wanted to be there. Any excuse for a trip to Gu’s will bring at least one of us from our distant suburb to this one. Mind you, that Shan City Chicken at Man Chun Hong – see last week’s story – is drop-your-mouth amazing, but Gu’s is probably my overall favorite Chinese restaurant in the city. Continue reading “Gu’s Bistro, Doraville GA (take two) (CLOSED)”

Man Chun Hong, Doraville GA

Over the last four years, all my old stereotypes of Chinese food have been dismantled and demolished, and I have started to enjoy the pleasure of finding more authentic cooking. At this stage, there are only a couple of places in the Atlanta area that we’ve visited a second or third time as we look for more places with exciting menus to add to our small knowledge base. I think we can safely add Doraville’s Man Chun Hong to that short list. This is definitely a place we want to visit again repeatedly. Continue reading “Man Chun Hong, Doraville GA”

Rincon Latino, Doraville GA

A few weeks back, Marie and I joined Marilyn from Atlanta etc. and her son for a terrific experience with good grease on Buford Highway. Rincon Latino, a joint that specializes in Central American goodies that are just outside the usual comfort zone of traditional Tex-Mex dishes, is popular for their pupusas and sopes. Continue reading “Rincon Latino, Doraville GA”

Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs, Doraville GA

I’ve known for ages that there’s a second Baldinos in the Atlanta area, but I think I’ve got a pretty good reason for never stopping in before now. It’s my favorite place to get a big sandwich, and I eat at the one about five miles south of our house fairly often, as these things go, and didn’t really think it worth the mileage to ever drive all the way over to Buford Highway for something that we can get at home. Continue reading “Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs, Doraville GA”

Monterrey, Doraville GA

Longtime readers may recall that once every three or four months, I’m overcome by an insatiable craving for basic Americanized El-This-Los-That Tex-Mex. I’ve mostly given up trying to find someplace new to get this grub, because even though I like the idea of finding some ostensibly new content for the blog, it’s just about impossible to find anything new to say about it. There are, of course, only so many ways to describe the same food from the same supply company doled out to allegedly different restaurants. So the last couple of times I got the craving, I just quietly went someplace by myself and left the camera at home. Continue reading “Monterrey, Doraville GA”

1968 at Cafe 101, Doraville GA (CLOSED)

Here’s a place that we’ve been intending to visit for ages now, and not necessarily because of the food. In fact, the restaurant has changed owners since I first thought about stopping in for a meal, and, slightly, changed names. Many, many different restaurants (and, apparently, a car dealership!) have found a home in the old Oogleblook building on Buford Highway. Sensational Subs – a very nearly defunct Atlanta chain with, apparently, only one location remaining – had a store here in the 1990s. It has been called Café 101 since at least 2005, but there have been at least three tenants in that time, with three different menus. It’s been a Chinese restaurant since late 2007. In August, the restaurant was quietly renamed 1968 at Café 101, after the year that Chef Kao began cooking in Taiwan. His partner, Chef Yang, specializes in northern Chinese dishes. Continue reading “1968 at Cafe 101, Doraville GA (CLOSED)”