Calcutta Palate, Doraville GA (CLOSED)

A few weeks back, while Marie was working, I left the kids at home and went to join our friends Helen and Vincent, and Adam and Emily from Spatialdrift, at Calcutta Palate, an Indian restaurant that’s located right next door to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market just outside the perimeter. I’ve often been surprised that there are not more Indian buffets along Buford Highway; while there are several dozen Indian restaurants in the Atlanta metro, this is among the least well represented among all the cuisines of the world on this particular corridor. Continue reading “Calcutta Palate, Doraville GA (CLOSED)”

Mamak Malaysian Kitchen, Doraville GA

Buford Highway restaurants are not known for being the sort of places where you have to wait forever and a day for a table, but Mamak, which opened in the same Doraville strip mall as Quoc Huong, Sweet Hut, and one of the Ming’s BBQ locations, in the space that was vacated by Fil-Am Star, was still really busy when we visited last month. We came by on a Sunday evening and had a 45-minute wait. Continue reading “Mamak Malaysian Kitchen, Doraville GA”

Praise the Lard BBQ, Buford GA

There were a couple of barbecue joints in Atlanta’s northeastern suburbs that had been waiting for us to visit for such a long time. To be honest, once upon a time, we had thought that we’d be going up I-985 / US-23 a little more frequently than we do, heading north to visit Tallulah Gorge, and we’d stop into all these places along the way. But we eventually reasoned that the gorge is no place for a little one, particularly one as rambunctious as ours, and so we are not that way as frequently. We’ve stopped by most of the barbecue places (but not all!) in Gainesville and further north at least once, but closer in to Atlanta, we have left some gaps. So one Saturday last month, I asked whether Matt and his wife would like to meet for lunch at Praise the Lard. Continue reading “Praise the Lard BBQ, Buford GA”

Bellaggio’s Ice Cream, Doraville GA

I don’t remember where we ended up eating on the occasion in question (it’s been a while), but as Emily from Spatialdrift and I were bouncing ideas back and forth about where we should dine, she said that the next Buford Highway restaurant on their expedition was going to be Bellaggio’s Ice Cream, a freestanding building in the Treasure World shopping center. It’s where Hae Woon Dae and Don Quixote are, along with at least two strip clubs and a porn theater. I passed on it, as we were saving Bellaggio’s for dessert the next time that we had supper at Man Chun Hong. Continue reading “Bellaggio’s Ice Cream, Doraville GA”

The Unfair, Fickle Finger of Festival Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, we sampled a couple of new-to-us restaurants, but we did so under the chaos of festivals and conventions, when nobody is at their best. With that in mind, I thought I’d break up the routine by running down all the dining out that we did over the weekend, both new places and old favorites. Continue reading “The Unfair, Fickle Finger of Festival Weekend”

Château de Saigòn, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

Oh, friends, the story of Menu Envy that I relate today will surely break your heart. Or not, if you’re sensible about it. See, one day last month, a buddy named Stephen posted to Facebook a photo of his order of Thit Kho To (Pork Clay Pot) from Château de Saigòn on Buford Highway. It looked absolutely delicious and so I resolved to try it as soon as I could. I shouted out to Vincent and Helen to see whether they’d like to join us, and we met up on a Saturday evening. Continue reading “Château de Saigòn, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”

Don Quixote (and Don Taco), Doraville GA

Now, if you’ve enjoyed our reporting from Buford Highway – and we think that it is pretty good – then you’re certain to enjoy Spatialdrift, if you’re not reading it already. Far from our here-and-there sampling, they’ve been working on a slow and steady march north from Pancho’s, visiting every independent or small chain along the way, and last month, we joined them for their ninety-ninth Buford Highway restaurant, Don Quixote. I can see why people think that Decatur is the epicenter of Atlanta dining, because that’s where many of the interesting and promising new restaurants open, but with more than a hundred restaurants, most of them incredibly interesting and a handful downright amazing on a single street? There’s no comparing the two, honestly. Continue reading “Don Quixote (and Don Taco), Doraville GA”