Northern China Eatery, Doraville GA

When Marie’s mother came to spend a few days with us, we knew that we wanted to take her shopping at the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market, where she was certain to enjoy looking at the aisle of Dutch foods, and also have a nice snack of poffertjes from their food court. While she isn’t especially fond of either spicy foods or, bafflingly, barbecue, she does enjoy Chinese cooking, and there are several Chinese restaurants along Buford Highway that we had not yet visited. Since Northern China Eatery has so many fans, we decided to give it a try. Continue reading “Northern China Eatery, Doraville GA”

Tostones Latin Cafe, Doraville GA (CLOSED)

This is Marie, contributing an article about Tostones Latin Cafe, a Carribean/Latin American style restaurant on Buford Highway. Strictly speaking, tostones are pounded fried plantains. This restaurant tops those with meat (chorizo, chicken, steak, etc.) and other ingredients. We were contrary and didn’t have any. Continue reading “Tostones Latin Cafe, Doraville GA (CLOSED)”

Bastie Boys BBQ, Buford GA (CLOSED)

Update: In what has got to be the most ridiculously quick shutdown of any we’ve ever experienced, and hopefully a record we’ll never beat, this restaurant has closed, three days after this post. Best wishes to Russ and James in the future!

I’ve mentioned previously that there are some barbecue places along I-985 / US-23 that I have been saving for a rainy day. Some of these are in the Urbanspoon Gainesville metro listing, but there are a few between exits 4 and 8 that are in the upper north extreme of the Urbanspoon Atlanta conglomerate. I’m aware of three, including one that I’ve been saving for the rainiest day (if you will) and two which are along Buford Highway. Yes, this is the same road that we’ve been discussing at length down in the city and Chamblee and Doraville, thirty miles away. Bella Vivere visited Bastie Boys BBQ back in February and liked it, and so when Matt phoned and asked if I wanted to meet up for some lunch here, I figured we’d have a pretty good meal. Continue reading “Bastie Boys BBQ, Buford GA (CLOSED)”

Cơm Vietnamese Grill, Atlanta GA

Back in August, Leslie from The Food and Me suggested that we meet up for supper at Cơm, the quite popular Vietnamese place on Buford Highway. It’s been doing good business for almost a decade and has been very influential both in the business world – when Nam Phuong opened, with its nice atmosphere, furnishings, and presentation, it was said by some to be an imitation of Cơm – and in making fans out of curious eaters. Leslie and I agreed that we should have more get-togethers with more bloggers, and then I hemmed and hawed and waited too late to properly invite people, but Food Near Snellville was able to make it, as did our friends and frequent fellow diners Vincent and Helen, and then Leslie got called into work and wasn’t able to join us. Boo! Continue reading “Cơm Vietnamese Grill, Atlanta GA”

So Kong Dong Tofu House, Doraville GA

On the 30th of last month, Food Near Snellville racked up a big milestone: 500 Atlanta-area restaurants written up. So you know what I did that evening? I tweeted my congratulations to him, dropped off the girlchild at a football game, picked up Marie from work, and went out to meet Adam and Emily from Spatialdrift at our 500th Atlanta-area restaurant: So Kong Dong on Buford Highway. Continue reading “So Kong Dong Tofu House, Doraville GA”

Tempo Doeloe, Doraville GA

Well, here was an eye-opener. Of all the cuisines from around the world that we have sampled over the last few years, we haven’t looked at Indonesian before. There are a few dishes and flavors common to both Indonesian and Malaysian cooking, and we did enjoy visiting Panang with friends earlier this year and trying Malaysian, but there are only a handful of Indonesian-only restaurants in the Atlanta area. These include Waroeng in a mall food court in Norcross, and Batavia, which has two locations in northeast Atlanta, but this time I got to visit Tempo Doeloe, which is attached to the Ariesandi family’s grocery store, Java, in the Intown Plaza shopping center, with some friends and acquaintances in a Meetup group. Continue reading “Tempo Doeloe, Doraville GA”

Machu Picchu, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

Tucked down on the south end of Buford Highway, its back turned against the avenue and facing instead the anchors of a strip mall, there’s a little Peruvian place called Machu Picchu that has quietly been drawing in crowds for the last twenty years. Our friends Vincent and Helen were in town and recommended that we give it a try. Everybody was in the mood for chicken, and so while this and the three or four other Peruvian restaurants in town have a reputation for seafood, we went with their chicken dishes. Continue reading “Machu Picchu, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”