Jack’s Old South BBQ, Braselton GA

Since, apart from a curiosity about Iron Chef that lasted about two weeks, I have no interest in competition cooking television shows, I had never heard of Myron Mixon and his appearances on a program called BBQ Pitmasters until some bloggers who I read started talking about him some years after his first TV win. Where’s the Best BBQ? was the first to mention his restaurant in Braselton. (Unfortunately, Scot’s site has since closed.) Continue reading “Jack’s Old South BBQ, Braselton GA”

Photo Post 7: The Leopard Drive Inn, Homer GA

Earlier this month, I took my daughter up to the Commerce / Banks Crossing outlet malls to shop, and from there, we motored up the road to the town of Homer to pick up some sodas from a store that I had read about. Along the way, we passed by this very old fast food joint and I stopped on the way back to take a few pictures of it. I’d have bought a milkshake, but astonishingly, despite this place virtually screaming “soft serve,” they don’t actually have ice cream here. Continue reading “Photo Post 7: The Leopard Drive Inn, Homer GA”

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue, Flowery Branch GA

A couple of chapters previously, I mentioned that we had intended to visit two barbecue places on our day out to the Dawsonville outlet mall, but we were frustrated by the second one that I chose being closed for vacation. So I asked Matt, as we kicked back at his house, whether he knew where a place called Moonie’s was. We don’t yet have smartphones or any of those new-fangled gadgets, you see, and that was the first one in the Gainesville area whose name that I remembered. Of course, Matt knew exactly where it was. If it’s anywhere in Hall, White, or northern Gwinnett County, he knows about it, and he gave us quick and accurate directions to it from their place. This brought us back down I-985, sending us home down a different artery out of Atlanta than the one we used to go north. Continue reading “Moonie’s Texas Barbecue, Flowery Branch GA”

Mountain Fresh Creamery, Clermont GA

I have not had the chance to motor around north central Georgia for many, many months. In fact, I said, more than a year ago, that I needed to stop by a little ice cream parlor near the towns of Clermont and Cleveland. That’s when a writer with the remarkable nom de blog of Foodie Asshole wrote about Mountain Fresh Creamery, which had opened a few months previously. Continue reading “Mountain Fresh Creamery, Clermont GA”

Big D’s BBQ, Dawsonville GA

When I worked in Alpharetta some years back, I used to occasionally enjoy lunch at Big D’s BBQ on Windward Parkway. They were only at that location for maybe eight months before joining the very, very long list of failed restaurants along that corridor and retreating northward to the growing sprawl around Dawsonville. Continue reading “Big D’s BBQ, Dawsonville GA”

Sweet House BBQ at Jaemor Farm, Alto GA (CLOSED)

It’s fair to say that I was not in the best mood that I’ve ever been on this trip to the Upstate and back. We were just getting ready to flex some legal muscle over some unpleasantness – since resolved, to about our 95% satisfaction – and Marie was about to go interview for a position in Ohio – stay tuned – and so I had some cobwebs and stress in my attic that needed a long drive and lots of barbecue to clear. And sometimes, you need the company of strangers more than friends. So when Matt phoned while I was in Clemson and invited me to swing back through Gainesville on my way home and get some barbecue with him, I was a little reluctant, because I knew that I wasn’t going to be good company, but I had been cheered up enough by Saturday morning’s drive to make my way his direction. Continue reading “Sweet House BBQ at Jaemor Farm, Alto GA (CLOSED)”

3 Lil’ Pigs Bar-B-Q and Dari Spot, Gainesville GA

Boy, I just had no luck whatsoever with 3 Lil’ Pigs. I read about the place over at Buster Evans’ terrific barbecue blog earlier this year and was excited to go to Gainesville and try their chicken mull. So Marie and I went up in June and learned that they were closed on Saturdays. After the trip that we took to Chattanooga, Matt stayed overnight with us, just to have a guys’ break and play some Catan, and I took him home the next day, allowing us the chance to finally give them a try. They don’t serve mull any longer. The young fellow at the window was apologetic, but explained that they were throwing out too much of it to continue offering it. Can’t win for losing, can we? Continue reading “3 Lil’ Pigs Bar-B-Q and Dari Spot, Gainesville GA”