Paul’s Bar-B-Q, Lexington GA (take two) (CLOSED)

I think that the most dated story at this blog of ours is of a restaurant where time has stood still for more than twenty years. It’s the first story that I wrote about Paul’s Bar-B-Q, a terrific restaurant that keeps Oglethorpe County on the map of anybody who enjoys good barbecue. If you were to go and read it, some amazing things will probably pop out at you. Continue reading “Paul’s Bar-B-Q, Lexington GA (take two) (CLOSED)”


Pauley’s Crêpe Bar, Athens GA

Since many of my travels with Marie are done with the three year-old in tow, we often arrange lots of fun family activities with him in mind. On this trip to Athens, we spent a long time playing at the awesome playground at the Southeast Clarke Park, visited two friends with children, and spent an hour reading books, rearranging stuffed animals, and spinning pennies around the wishing well donation bucket at the public library. Then I figured that crêpes would be a good, friendly food for somebody his age, and we spent forty-odd minutes at Pauley’s hoping the kid didn’t fall off the high-top chairs and bust his head. Continue reading “Pauley’s Crêpe Bar, Athens GA”

The Taco Stand, Athens GA (take two)

Back in November, I started prepping an old story that I’d written about the dearly missed Mean Bean for a reprint here. Doing so made me crave their nachos something fierce. It also sparked a craving in Marie; she wanted a spinach quesadilla from the Mean Bean’s competitor / cross-town rival, Taco Stand. She loves those things. We love Athens and miss it a lot, and would have gone that weekend, but had plans on the Saturday and saw that rain was on the forecast for the Sunday, and taking our three year-old to Athens and not letting him play at the Southeast Clarke Park is as close to child cruelty as can be imagined. We waited it out for a week. Continue reading “The Taco Stand, Athens GA (take two)”

Iron Works Coffee Company, Athens GA

We received a suggestion to check out Iron Works Coffee, which opened in early November. It’s a little cafe in the lobby of the new Graduate Hotel, and while we don’t actually care for coffee, Marie loves tea and I don’t mind hot chocolate, so we stopped by for a light breakfast before going to visit one of Marie’s friends and drop off some clothes for her new grandson. Continue reading “Iron Works Coffee Company, Athens GA”

Remembering The Mean Bean, Athens GA

My favorite restaurant in the entire world closed more than five years ago, in January 2009. Here is a farewell that I wrote for it a few days later, about a year before we began writing our blog. I was reminded of it when Cinco y Diez closed last month, and I realized that I’ve been to Athens so few times in the last ten months that I never found the opportunity to try it. Cinco y Diez was located across the parking lot from where the Five Points Mean Bean had been located. The former location has been home, for several years, to The Royal Peasant. Continue reading “Remembering The Mean Bean, Athens GA”

Yo Bo Cantina Fresca, Athens GA (CLOSED)

This is Marie, contributing an article about Yo Bo Cantina Fresca, a brand new place in the Five Points area. It has another branch in Charleston SC which made it into the Huffpost list of places to visit there. Yo Bo uses Springer Mountain chicken and uses locally sourced ingredients where possible, according to their menu, and the food really tasted fresh and vivid. Continue reading “Yo Bo Cantina Fresca, Athens GA (CLOSED)”

The World Famous, Athens GA

One weekend in May, Marie’s mother flew into town for a visit. This coincided with Marie’s desire to take the three year-old out someplace to pick strawberries. Boy, howdy, did this ever turn out well for all concerned. We went to Washington Farms, near Watkinsville, and brought back two gallons, many of which Marie transformed into the most remarkably good strawberry jam that anybody’s ever had. Plus we spent several hours in Athens, having a fine time in the Classic City. Continue reading “The World Famous, Athens GA”