Pure Sodaworks in Bottles

The second best move that the good people at Pure Sodaworks have made lately has been the employment of a young fellow whom our girlchild finds radiant and dreamy. I’m not sure what the fellow’s name is, but he sure does keep the girlchild excited to go to Tennessee. Continue reading “Pure Sodaworks in Bottles”

Mojo Burrito, Chattanooga TN

We got a very late start home from Nashville on Saturday afternoon. Part of the problem was that the baby had been cranky and fighting a cold most of the time. He wasn’t horrible, just clingy to Marie, and not a particularly fun guest. After lunch, he cheered up tremendously, and while the clock said we should’ve already left, we just didn’t want to strap the little stinker in the car when he was finally showing signs of his usual, playful self for Tory. So we let him run around the yard for several minutes, and he gave good hugs and kisses. He was also breaking Marie’s heart just a little. He’s calling me “Dada,” and her “Daddy.” This prompted some – I hope – good-natured grumbling from Marie. “I want to be Mommy,” she pouted, but it sure was funny watching him run across the length of Tory’s yard bellowing “DAH-DEEEEEEE” and jump into Marie’s arms. Continue reading “Mojo Burrito, Chattanooga TN”

Taco Mamacita, Chattanooga TN

One of Chattanooga’s most popular restaurants these days is a fun little drinking hole, just a little bit naughty-minded, within a short walk from the main drag along the North Shore. Taylor and Mike Monen opened the first Taco Mamacita in 2008. It’s in a really curious location. They found a dying strip mall, anchored, sort of, by a Family Dollar, and opened the restaurant in the corner slot. It has been a huge success, allowing the Monens the chance to not only branch out into burgers via their popular Urban Stack, but also expand to other cities. The second Taco Mamacita opened in Nashville in late 2009, and a third opened on South Carolina’s Sullivan Island last summer. Continue reading “Taco Mamacita, Chattanooga TN”

Clumpies Ice Cream, Chattanooga TN

This is Marie, contributing an article about a cute little place that serves ice cream that a fair number of Chattanoogans seem to think is quite tasty. We went to Chattanooga to relax and had a simple vacation day without filling in all of our spare time at new restaurants. First, we went back to Champy’s Fried Chicken, which we visited the month before. Grant wanted to try the tamales and the catfish, which he says were pretty good, but not as good as their fried chicken, which was excellent. Continue reading “Clumpies Ice Cream, Chattanooga TN”

Pure Sodaworks, Chattanooga TN

One day early this summer, one of those little recommendations on the right-hand side of Facebook actually proved useful. It suggested that I look at something called Pure Sodaworks, and I’m glad that I did. Last year, Matt and Tiffany Rogers and their friend Shawn Clouse opened a little storefront on Chattanooga’s River Street, and also put a cart together to go join the food trucks, wherever they roam. They’re making some very clever and very tasty soda concoctions from an old-fashioned jerk pump, squirting the syrups and mixing them with bursts of soda water. They use natural cane sugar along with “organic ingredients, locally sourced fruits, and focus on funky flavors,” and are in the process of attracting investors to get their bottling operation up and running. Continue reading “Pure Sodaworks, Chattanooga TN”

Julie Darling Donuts, Chattanooga TN

Two weeks ago, we got on the road again for our third trip out of town in three weeks. This time, our destination was the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama, about which more in the next chapter, with secondary stops in Chattanooga that I will come back to next week. The most direct route to Scottsboro from Marietta is through Rome and across Lookout and Sand Mountains, but I decided to make this as much of an interstate trip as we could so that we might get there and back quicker. We even thought that we might be home before sundown. Heh. I heard a radio spot at a restaurant in the morning that said, “From Soddy-Daisy to Sand Mountain…” and darned if that wasn’t precisely the range that we covered on this trip. Continue reading “Julie Darling Donuts, Chattanooga TN”

Good Dog, Chattanooga TN

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that David and the kids and I went up to Chattanooga to do a little book shopping. David was not really tempted by my suggestion of a visit to Zarzour’s Cafe, and so we went to Couch’s to try a new-to-us barbecue place. I did not want to go up there without also getting a snack from one of the city’s more popular restaurants, and so after we spent some time at McKay and at another wonderful store, The Book Company, where I found (I believe) all the remaining Harry Kemelman Rabbi novels that I have yet to read for about a buck and a quarter each, we drove downtown. Continue reading “Good Dog, Chattanooga TN”