Hite’s BBQ, West Columbia SC

A couple of years ago, we visited Jackie Hite’s in Leesville SC and had a really good meal at their buffet. In 1957, another member of that family, cousin John D. Hite, opened a little weekend-only takeout shack about twenty miles closer to town. Hite’s BBQ is just a hop, skip, and a jump from US-1, and, like many restaurants with a lot of hype and a hint of legend about them, it gets really busy during the two days of the week that it’s open. It is still in family hands – John’s grandson David is in charge these days – but the business is still as no-frills as it was almost sixty years ago. Continue reading “Hite’s BBQ, West Columbia SC”


The Twin Shrimp Boats of Rock Hill, SC

After we visited the Shrimp Boat in Lancaster, we got back on track for Rock Hill. We took back roads through Chester County and – no hyperbole – they were the worst paved roads that I’ve ever driven on. For miles. Even the patches had potholes. Once we got to our next destination, I stepped out of my car and was shaking like a cartoon character. Continue reading “The Twin Shrimp Boats of Rock Hill, SC”

Shrimp Boat, Lancaster SC

When I began researching the lost Shrimp Boats chain, my curiosity was principally driven by a interest in the 1969-74 era buildings, and the initial story in this series (links below) was built around that. If you read that story, you’ll see that in the fourth paragraph, I quickly summarized the four locations in the vicinity of Charlotte (misidentifying the Lancaster store as in Springdale) and moved on to pictures of the buildings. Continue reading “Shrimp Boat, Lancaster SC”

BBQ Barn, North Augusta SC

It probably won’t surprise any of our regular readers when I say that the Augusta area has always proven to be a little challenging for us here at the old blog. As we don’t yet have any friends in this area, and as the city seems bound and determined to not show off any book shops or record stores that demand our attention, it’s always been a town that we pass through, while simultaneously a town that rolls up the sidewalks pretty early. In point of fact, the last time we were in Augusta, we found the restaurant that we intended to visit, Wright’s BBQ on Barton Chapel Road, closed two hours before the sign on the door said they were going to turn out the lights. Continue reading “BBQ Barn, North Augusta SC”

Rosewood Dairy Bar, Columbia SC

“You know,” the old-timer said, “those pictures you’re taking, I was talking with my boss once, and he said there’s all sorts of people who take all sorts of pictures of old restaurants. Then they put ’em on the internet!”

“Yes,” I said, lowering my camera. “That would be me.” Continue reading “Rosewood Dairy Bar, Columbia SC”

Shuler’s Bar-B-Que, Latta SC

I love it when expectations get confounded. Looking over the list of barbecue joints that we’ve visited, it’s safe to say that South Carolina has been the most uneven of all southeastern states. It’s the home of the godlike Scott’s, of course, and several other very good restaurants, but more than a handful that I’ve visited once and that’s about enough. Making matters worse, the Florence metro area was not only batting zero-for-two with me, but the zeroes were so disappointing that I was actually giving the Pee Dee region negative numbers. Continue reading “Shuler’s Bar-B-Que, Latta SC”