D & B Hot Dogs and Ice Cream, Knoxville TN

The last stop on our day trip to Knoxville was one that we made by the skin of our teeth. We had an unplanned delay that sent us scurrying back to Powell to pick up our daughter’s charger cord – I swear, this kid would leave her head behind if it were not screwed on – and arrived at D & B Hot Dogs just a few minutes before they were set to close. This is a really neat little place in a small strip mall near the community of Solway, almost in Oak Ridge. It opened in 2014, and the owners, Daniel Price and Bruce Flomberg, are old friends who also own a lawn care business called Four Clover. This unusual little side venture came about as the two lamented the lack of a place around the Knoxville area to get a really good hot dog. Continue reading “D & B Hot Dogs and Ice Cream, Knoxville TN”

Good Dog, Chattanooga TN (take two)

Before we left Chattanooga and picked up our daughter, I wanted to stop by one of the restaurants that we’ve featured before at our blog and see how it was doing. We picked Good Dog, which we first visited in 2011 and Marie got to try a couple of years later because our son absolutely loves hot dogs and it was time to give him the treat of something special here. Continue reading “Good Dog, Chattanooga TN (take two)”

Q Dogs, Tarpon Springs FL

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that Tarpon Springs has a very big Greek-American population, and a whole lot of restaurants serving Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. It’s possible that the town has reached saturation point, because how’s a new restaurant supposed to stand out in such a thriving community with established customer loyalty? That’s what George Krouskos had to consider when he was thinking about opening a restaurant, and he settled on a hot dog stand that also smokes up some pretty good barbecue in an outdoor steel upright. Continue reading “Q Dogs, Tarpon Springs FL”

Gus’s Hot Dogs, Adamsville AL

On Sunday afternoon in Memphis, our daughter bought a very nice blue dress. On Monday, she wore it and received more compliments from the crowd at Gus’s Hot Dogs in Adamsville than the local homecoming queen probably got last fall. There’s a whole bunch of really friendly people in this town, and by 11.15 each day, they’ve swarmed into Gus’s. We were lucky to find a table. Continue reading “Gus’s Hot Dogs, Adamsville AL”

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand, Atlanta GA

Well, here’s a restaurant that’s been a long time coming. Ages ago, we had a single meal at the original location of Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand – here’s the story – and had planned to return, but we’re just never out that way. The friends who lived nearby up and moved, limiting the opportunities to bring big, delicious, messy sausages on hoagies back to their place. Continue reading “Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand, Atlanta GA”

Pal’s Sudden Service, Johnson City TN

So our spring trip was truncated from four days in western Tennessee to two days in eastern Tennessee. We started the road trip with the main destination, a very good restaurant that I’d wanted to visit for many years, but we weren’t about to leave the Tri-Cities area without a visit to a very neat little restaurant chain. Continue reading “Pal’s Sudden Service, Johnson City TN”

Kermit’s Hot Dog House, Winston-Salem NC

Before I left Winston-Salem, I wanted to follow up on a tip that I got to check out a fun old canopied drive-in, the first of three that I would visit on the second day of the trip. Kermit’s Hot Dog House opened more than 48 years ago, in January of ’66. Sadly, the original owner, Kermit Wade Williams, didn’t get the chance to see his restaurant really thrive. He died after only two years of running the place, leaving it in the hands of his brother, Arthur. He took on a partner, Paul D. Church, in the 1970s, and they’ve served breakfast and chili dogs to many thousands of locals and retro-curious tourists. Continue reading “Kermit’s Hot Dog House, Winston-Salem NC”