Photo Post 23: Sir Goony’s in Knoxville

It’s been far too long since I last ran around a mini-golf course taking some snapshots. Goony Golf was a just-this-shy-of-trademark-infringement imitation of Goofy Golf, and the name was later changed to Sir Goony’s, probably when somebody’s lawyers started clearing their throats. In late 2013, we visited the Sir Goony’s in Chattanooga, and finally made time to visit its sister location in Knoxville a couple of months ago. Continue reading “Photo Post 23: Sir Goony’s in Knoxville”

Carl’s Drive-Inn, Loudon TN

Last year, we had thought about a fall trip to Knoxville, but it didn’t happen for one reason or ten. Still, I’d put together a small to-do list since it looked as though we’d be visiting the town of Loudon on that trip, and a small canopied drive-in stood out as a must. Well, it’s either a drive-in or a drive-inn; even the building’s own signage is confused on that point. Carl Whited, who passed away in 2012, opened this place in April of 1960. We’re always happy to visit a 56 year-old restaurant. Continue reading “Carl’s Drive-Inn, Loudon TN”

Full Service BBQ, Maryville TN

Apology accepted, Full Service. Apology accepted.

We did pretty good for eastern Tennessee barbecue on this trip. Our third barbecue stop, and the first that our daughter was able to join us for, was at this delightful little place that opened in 2009 in the space that was once home to a Crown gas station. Caleb of Smoked Pig and Sweet Tea gave it a nice writeup a few years ago and it certainly sounded promising. Continue reading “Full Service BBQ, Maryville TN”

Two Tennessee Drive-Ins

I decided that after we collected the girlchild, we’d take a long way home. We were in no particular hurry. US-411 runs parallel to I-75 for most of the way home, so we drove a little south to the town of Maryville, one of Knoxville’s suburbs, and stopped at a classic drive-in for a snack. Continue reading “Two Tennessee Drive-Ins”

The French Market Crêperie, Knoxville TN (take two)

This is Marie, writing a take two on a restaurant we had an incredibly positive experience with the last time we visited. It’s always good to check back and make sure things are still going well. Spoiler alert – it was even better this time. Continue reading “The French Market Crêperie, Knoxville TN (take two)”

Litton’s and Denton’s, Knoxville TN

Our son fell asleep, finally, on the road back from Johnson City as we returned to I-40. He snoozed and Marie and I braced ourselves for Knoxville’s Friday 5:00 traffic, which never came. We lucked out, I suppose, and our route, which brought us into town from the east and around the top of the I-640 half-a-loop to I-75, is outside whatever the local rush hour crushes. So we checked into our hotel without trouble, and carried him, sleeping, up to our room, where we kicked back for about an hour while he finished his nap. Continue reading “Litton’s and Denton’s, Knoxville TN”

Kay’s Ice Cream, Knoxville TN

As part of revisiting childhood memories, I was happy to share stories last year about the last remaining Kay’s Kastles in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, and its distant relation, Ice Castle in Dalton, Georgia. You should probably read those before continuing; it’ll save me having to recount the history of the chain. As I wrote both chapters, I looked forward to finding a chance to visit Knoxville and see the last remaining Kay’s Ice Cream store. Continue reading “Kay’s Ice Cream, Knoxville TN”