Panic on the Streets of Asheville – part one

We have visited Asheville several times before. We have come up during the chaos and craziness of the Bele Chere Festival three times, and we’ve come to town when the city wasn’t being turned upside down by it. So we were a little surprised to see the downtown area almost as packed with people in November as it is during the last weekend of July. It turned out that we were in town at the same time that Widespread Panic was playing a two-night stand at the civic center downtown. There are street musicians all over the place in Asheville all the time anyway, but this time the whole city was singing with guitars and saxophones and dulcimers and washtub basses. Continue reading “Panic on the Streets of Asheville – part one”

Wild Heaven Craft Beers, Avondale Estates GA

For this month’s attempt to expand my novice beer knowledge, a trip to Ale Yeah! in Roswell had my brother putting two bottles from Wild Heaven in my hands. He told me that these were local guys with a very small selection of beers. That sounded good, because it’s easier to get a handle on a brewery’s output when I don’t have sixty-eleven beers to track down, as will be the case with next month’s chapter about beer. Continue reading “Wild Heaven Craft Beers, Avondale Estates GA”

Highland Brewing Company, Asheville NC

For the next brewery in my small and slow “learning a little about beer” project, I wanted to try something from Asheville, a place sometimes called “Beer City” and home to something like a dozen brewpubs and breweries, and a place we are long overdue to return. I went with Highland Brewing because I remembered really enjoying their Oatmeal Porter. I first had that when I paid my first of a couple of visits to Decatur’s Brick Store Pub and I’ve had it a couple of times at other places. If I had a top five beer list, Highland Oatmeal Porter would be on it. Continue reading “Highland Brewing Company, Asheville NC”

Monday Night Brewing, Atlanta GA

I have felt for some time that our blog is most lacking in two areas: the city of Savannah, and information about beer. I’ve thought about how best to tackle the second of those, and what I decided to do is highlight a few breweries that seem particularly interesting or make beers that I really enjoy. Savannah, of course, is going to require more concerted effort to actually go there and learn a few stories. Continue reading “Monday Night Brewing, Atlanta GA”

5 Seasons Brewing, Sandy Springs GA

Last month, the good people at Urbanspoon reached out to Atlanta’s awesome blogging community to hang out and talk shop for a while. 5 Seasons, a brewpub that opened in 2001 and has expanded to three locations in the region, hosted us and gave us the chance to sample some of their appetizers and a few of their beers. We had a terrific evening and enjoyed catching up with friends and meeting a few new people. A couple of awesome Prime users were present, as were Bella Vivere, Food Near Snellville, Iron Stef, and Spatialdrift. Continue reading “5 Seasons Brewing, Sandy Springs GA”

Westside Pizzeria, Atlanta GA

One thing’s certain about us food blog hobbyists: we’re an insular crowd. Oh, we don’t intend to be, but I think that, hobby-wide, there’s a sense of checking out what everybody else is doing and where everybody else is eating, and when somebody comes up from under the radar, it’s a big surprise. Westside Pizzeria is just about the most pleasant surprise that anybody’s stumbled across. Continue reading “Westside Pizzeria, Atlanta GA”

Edgewood Corner Tavern, Atlanta GA

There are many places that I’ve read about and said “Hmmm, I’d like to go there,” and many others that I’ve read about and said “I’d like to go there along with Marie.” That’s the case with Edgewood Corner Tavern in the Old Fourth Ward. It’s one of four Corner Taverns in the city, the most popular of which is probably the one in Little Five Points. Each of them has their own specialties, along with a dense menu of reliable bar food and a very satisfactory and deep list of beers, but the Edgewood location was spotlighted last year in this report at A Hamburger Today. Continue reading “Edgewood Corner Tavern, Atlanta GA”