Photo Post 10: Where We Did Not Eat

In this entry, a few very short recaps of some places that we photographed. Longtime readers might recall that I have a soft spot for old-fashioned walk-up dairy bars. Very few of these have survived into the modern day, particularly in Georgia. One of the few that we’ve found in Georgia, and the nearest to us, is the Jiffy Freeze in Canton. Earlier this month, had a short feature about five others in northern Alabama and one near Chattanooga, half of which we have featured here and one of which I hope to see next month. Continue reading “Photo Post 10: Where We Did Not Eat”

Drinking in Nashville

Nashville looks very much like a town in which a man can go a-drinkin’. The bars open early and don’t seem to close until late, and there appear to be more hospitals per resident than any other place this side of Miami to take care of what you do to your liver. But if you’re a family like ours, where three of us don’t drink alcohol and the one that does maybe has a single beer a month, it’s also a terrific place to drink all sorts of other wonderful things. When my daughter and I first got to the Music City on this trip, we skirted around the south side of the metro area via I-440 and started things off with a great milkshake at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. Continue reading “Drinking in Nashville”

Two Dairy Bars in Northeast Bama

While dairy bars are not unknown in Georgia – we’ve visted, for example, Dari Spot near Gainesville and Jiffy Freeze in Canton – the actual name “dairy bar” is very uncommon. The only place in the state that I’ve found that uses that name is a joint called Cree-Mee down near Unadilla. In Alabama, the term is more widely used. Just so we’re on the same page, I’m talking about little places that specialize in no-frills fast food and soft serve ice cream, effectively the same sort of food that you could typically expect to find at a Dairy Queen, but independent, local and, usually, very old. Continue reading “Two Dairy Bars in Northeast Bama”

Bowen’s Dairy Bar, Henagar AL

Real life had interfered with our plans in a calamitously disagreeable way back in December and January, and while we kept on trucking and did not let it inconvenience us too much, it did mean the cancellation of two out-of-town trips that we had planned. One of these was going to incorporate a visit to what is possibly the last surviving Kay’s Kastles, a once-thriving ice cream chain that now only seems to exist in the town of Soddy-Daisy, a little north of Chattanooga. Perhaps we’ll make it back sometime. I mentioned this to my mother, who never, ever objected to stopping for a treat at a Kay’s Kastles in Rome on the way back from visits to Fort Payne, and she said that she had half a mind to take a side trip to this Kay’s the next time the road takes her to Chattanooga. She says that she really loved Kay’s grape milkshakes. Continue reading “Bowen’s Dairy Bar, Henagar AL”

Dixie Freeze, South Pittsburg TN

For many, many years, I have told myself that one of these days, I was going to go visit Nashville and take US-41 to get there. Last weekend, Marie and I finally did this, taking the baby and the teenage girlchild along for a very, very long trek up to Nashville that let us see some amazing scenery and lovely places. I had it in mind to stop at every single barbecue joint along the way, expecting to find a few. In the end, we only saw three, all in the Nashville suburbs, thereby putting a crimp in my plan to scale the Urbanspoon Tennessee rankings. More about that in tomorrow’s chapter. Continue reading “Dixie Freeze, South Pittsburg TN”

3 Lil’ Pigs Bar-B-Q and Dari Spot, Gainesville GA

Boy, I just had no luck whatsoever with 3 Lil’ Pigs. I read about the place over at Buster Evans’ terrific barbecue blog earlier this year and was excited to go to Gainesville and try their chicken mull. So Marie and I went up in June and learned that they were closed on Saturdays. After the trip that we took to Chattanooga, Matt stayed overnight with us, just to have a guys’ break and play some Catan, and I took him home the next day, allowing us the chance to finally give them a try. They don’t serve mull any longer. The young fellow at the window was apologetic, but explained that they were throwing out too much of it to continue offering it. Can’t win for losing, can we? Continue reading “3 Lil’ Pigs Bar-B-Q and Dari Spot, Gainesville GA”