Ming’s Chinese Restaurant, Valdosta GA

A couple of years ago, when I was digging around to find whatever I could about the 1969-74 Shrimp Boats buildings, I would often find addresses, pull them up in Google Maps and see only a vacant lot where one of these cute old buildings used to stand. Every once in a while, though, I’d see a rather old image taken from the camera truck in some region without a heck of a lot of traffic and think “Well, I know that in 2008, at least, the building was still there.” Continue reading “Ming’s Chinese Restaurant, Valdosta GA”


Old School Diner, Harris Neck GA

Some time back, one of our readers, Tony Hicks, recommended that we visit this bizarre and wonderful place for some killer seafood and amazing hospitality. Now, lots of places will get the attachment of the term “middle of nowhere,” but Old School Diner takes it seriously. The exit off I-95 is located about halfway between Savannah and Brunswick, the same one you take to visit the Smallest Church in America, and then guests will drive way the heck down a county highway, past gravel roads and partially paved and completed coulda-been developments. Continue reading “Old School Diner, Harris Neck GA”

Riverside Cafe, St. Marys GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Riverside in St. Marys. I’d taken a rare opportunity to kidnap my boy for a weekend at my folks’ while Grant and the teenager did their own thing. It worked so well we plan to do it in reverse this spring. Continue reading “Riverside Cafe, St. Marys GA”

Photo Post 10: Where We Did Not Eat

In this entry, a few very short recaps of some places that we photographed. Longtime readers might recall that I have a soft spot for old-fashioned walk-up dairy bars. Very few of these have survived into the modern day, particularly in Georgia. One of the few that we’ve found in Georgia, and the nearest to us, is the Jiffy Freeze in Canton. Earlier this month, Al.com had a short feature about five others in northern Alabama and one near Chattanooga, half of which we have featured here and one of which I hope to see next month. Continue reading “Photo Post 10: Where We Did Not Eat”

Jack’s Bar-B-Q, Kingsland GA (CLOSED)

It didn’t occur to me for several days, but by stopping at this little place, we’re one away from a set of barbecue joints in the four corners of Georgia. Eighteen months ago, we visited Mountain Man in the northeast corner, almost in North Carolina. In the fall, we went to Thatcher’s in Trenton, from which a brisk walk would soon take you to either Tennessee or Alabama. And now we’re on I-95’s southernmost Georgia exit. Going east would take you to St. Mary’s before finding the salt marshes, but there does not appear to be a barbecue restaurant in that town. A quick hop west, however, sees Jack’s BBQ, which, since 2007, has been located in a rustic building across the street from a big truck stop. Continue reading “Jack’s Bar-B-Q, Kingsland GA (CLOSED)”

Keith-A-Que, Ashburn GA

So there was this giant peanut that I wanted to see again.

In December of 2011, on our way back from Moultrie, we had passed a really big peanut statue on the side of I-75. I was going to be content to photograph it from the car, but by chance, it was almost right next door to our next stop. We were drawn into Carroll’s Sausage and Meats by their billboards, and, as we pulled in, we saw the peanut right across an empty field. The girlchild napped in the car, and Marie and the baby went in to shop, and I traipsed across the field to take pictures. Continue reading “Keith-A-Que, Ashburn GA”