Photo Post 9: The Varsity, Atlanta GA

Everybody has written about the Varsity and shared all the same anecdotes, but for our 700th post here at Marie, Let’s Eat!, we wanted to come up with something special, so why not finally show off this Atlanta landmark and roadfood classic? But there’s something even more special about the Varsity that you probably don’t know. There’s a secret burger that’s not on the menu and it is, quite honestly, the best thing that you can order here. Continue reading “Photo Post 9: The Varsity, Atlanta GA”


Quick Burger, Jasper GA

There was a Saturday not long ago when Marie had to go into work. The girlchild was also gone; her godfather was in town and she went to spend the day with him. I looked at the baby and told him, “It’s just the menfolk today, baby. What do you want to do?” Continue reading “Quick Burger, Jasper GA”

Del Taco, Smyrna GA

…Atlanta store # 3 for Del Taco opened in the middle of July in Smyrna, at the intersection of Cobb Parkway (US-41) and Herodian. Most recently, the building had been home to one of the nine El Pollo Loco stores that briefly found a home in this region. This is the first of the new stores to directly compete with Taco Bell – there is one across the street and a couple of hundred yards south – and also with a traditional tacqueria. The excellent Tacos La Villa is just another couple of hundred yards north. Continue reading “Del Taco, Smyrna GA”

Mutt’s BBQ, Greer SC

I never realized how difficult it would be to find new barbecue in South Carolina’s Upstate! On Friday evening, I told the girl at the register at Brioso in Clemson that I would be going to Greenville the next day. She told me that she had gone to school at Furman, and I asked her whether she could recommend a place to get some barbecue. She said that she always went to Henry’s Smokehouse, which Marie and I had visited in February. Since I knew that one, could she recommend another? She thought for a moment and shook her head. She honestly couldn’t think of another barbecue place besides Henry’s. Continue reading “Mutt’s BBQ, Greer SC”

Clock Drive-In, Greenville SC

Hello, my name is Grant, and I’m addicted to Urbanspoon.

See, I had this bright idea when I set out on this road trip. After the first three stops, I would just end up where the road took me. I would not plan ahead, and I would not look at Google Maps or my Urbanspoon wish list. I would just end up in Clemson, ask how to get to Greenville, drive around, stop at whatever looked interesting, maybe mosey up to Spartanburg, possibly detour through Anderson, and come home. I’d take pictures of neat signs or bridges, I would pull into any bookstores that caught my eye, and I wouldn’t be enslaved to a schedule or a timetable. And pigs would fly. Continue reading “Clock Drive-In, Greenville SC”

Del Taco, Kennesaw GA

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta…

Earlier this month, Del Taco finally opened their second Atlanta-area store. Previously, you may recall, the chain, with something like 500 stores in twenty states – California home to about 320 of them – targeted Atlanta for a major expansion. They are still talking about a five-year plan that will bring sixty stores to our market, but right now that’s still a big flaming pie in the sky. They’re moving quite slowly, building on the success of their store in Snellville with a second up here in Cobb, across I-75 from Kennesaw State University. We visited on their grand opening day for my daughter to suck down helium from balloons, and to have some tacos, of course. Continue reading “Del Taco, Kennesaw GA”

Circumnavigating Alabama – Part 1

Back before Christmas, Marie mentioned that she’d be taking the baby for a trip to visit her family in early February, just the two of them. I realized that we could each have road trips. Sadly, the interference of the real world meant that we did this on different weekends, but she got her trip and I got mine, and we are quite satisfied with the results. Continue reading “Circumnavigating Alabama – Part 1”