Bellaggio’s Ice Cream, Doraville GA

I don’t remember where we ended up eating on the occasion in question (it’s been a while), but as Emily from Spatialdrift and I were bouncing ideas back and forth about where we should dine, she said that the next Buford Highway restaurant on their expedition was going to be Bellaggio’s Ice Cream, a freestanding building in the Treasure World shopping center. It’s where Hae Woon Dae and Don Quixote are, along with at least two strip clubs and a porn theater. I passed on it, as we were saving Bellaggio’s for dessert the next time that we had supper at Man Chun Hong. Continue reading “Bellaggio’s Ice Cream, Doraville GA”

Trowbridge’s, Florence AL

As you may have gathered, this was my second trip to Florence and the Shoals. I was there last year on a circumnavigation, and one of my stops, then, was a few minutes spent taking some photos of Trowbridge’s, a simply wonderful old ice cream and sandwich parlor that opened in 1918. Many hours later, as readers who followed the stories about that circumnavigation read, I got home to find that my SD card had screwed up and I lost heaven-only-knows how many pictures. Three different recovery programs pulled some of the data from the card, but every single picture that I took of Trowbridge’s was lost. I was so disappointed by the experience that I actually visited this lovely old place twice on this trip. On Friday afternoon, after I did a little digging in the UNA Library, I stopped by to snap some pictures and took them straight back to the hotel. Just to be superstitiously careful, you understand. Then we all went back Saturday morning to have ice cream for breakfast. Continue reading “Trowbridge’s, Florence AL”

Grecian Gyro, Dunwoody GA

As soon as I realized that one of the five Grecian Gyro locations was just one exit away from Marie’s work, I schemed to get over there and have supper. Every once in a while, I like to go pick her up from work and spare her the awful, lonely, Friday evening commute home. She certainly seems pleased to have me and, often, at least one of the children pull up to give her the break. Unfortunately, on this instance, the toddler fell asleep on the way to Dunwoody. We had a bad feeling that he was going to be a Mr. Crankypants when he woke, and we were right. Continue reading “Grecian Gyro, Dunwoody GA”

Tony’s Ice Cream, Gastonia NC

Is this the oldest business that we’ve visited for our blog? Tony’s Ice Cream in Gastonia has had a line out the door for ninety-nine years. They’re planning to celebrate the big centennial next year. How awesome is that? Congratulations to this old place for such a long time open to the public. They’ve even been in their current home longer than most restaurants have been around. They moved to this ugly yellow brick building in 1947. I’m not taken with its outside, and you’ll have to take my word that the inside is a lot better looking, because when I was there in the early evening, it was completely packed, and every lovely inch of old, formica table was taken, so I couldn’t photograph anything well. Continue reading “Tony’s Ice Cream, Gastonia NC”

Jeni’s Ice Creams, Atlanta GA

Once upon a time, I didn’t object much to Ohio State. Part of it’s because I always thought that Jim Tressel was a class act, but basically, while I have little interest and no real concern about the activities of other, lesser, conferences, it’s kind of hard for me to muster much passion or antipathy for what goes on in the Big Ten. Then they went and hired Urban Meyer and packed their schedule with a bunch of loser teams and had the audacity to announce that they were number two in the country and stood in the way of Auburn playing FSU for the title. Continue reading “Jeni’s Ice Creams, Atlanta GA”

Ammons Drive-In and Dairy Bar, Waynesville NC

We agreed that it had been a disagreeably long time since we visited Asheville, and so began scheduling a trip. Earlier this month, we drove back to western North Carolina to spend a day in this beautiful country and the city that we really, really love. This time, we took a much different path getting there. Continue reading “Ammons Drive-In and Dairy Bar, Waynesville NC”

B & D Burgers, Savannah GA

I had hoped that on this most recent trip to south Georgia, we would be able to do a much better job covering the city of Savannah and exploring its restaurants. Unfortunately, we only visited one new place, but it was certainly a terrific one. Marie had originally wanted to spend a couple of hours enjoying some good toddler time at the recently-opened Savannah Children’s Museum, and while they played, the girlchild and I were going to visit a couple of places. Unfortunately, it was raining. This children’s museum is still in its initial fundraising stages and has only opened one area to the public, and it is outdoors. They didn’t want to play in the mud and rain, madly. Continue reading “B & D Burgers, Savannah GA”