Grillmaster, Perry GA

Let me take a few sentences to recap the background and reasoning behind this trip to middle Georgia. Marie’s mother and her father live on Saint Simons Island, and we often go and visit them. For many years, we had been taking various long ways, to see different places and things more interesting than I-16. Since we had the baby, however, I started to rethink our policy and decided that, in future, we should hammer down and stick to the interstate and get down there as quickly as possible, so the grandparents get more good baby-time, and so the baby doesn’t have such an incredibly long and meandering car trip. Continue reading “Grillmaster, Perry GA”

Photo Post 6: Two of Our Favorites

Over the previous seven chapters, we shared some restaurants that were new to us. It’s always a pleasure to visit new places and bring those experiences to our readers, but, to be perfectly honest, sometimes it is an even greater pleasure to revisit a place that we really love, and which has already been featured here. Continue reading “Photo Post 6: Two of Our Favorites”

Papouli’s Gyros, Macon GA

When I was a cubicle farm dweller in Alpharetta, I would often head east on Windward Parkway and enjoy a really good lunch at Papouli’s. It’s located in a large and nice strip mall, where the restaurant failures are many, and cannot be counted on two hands. The supper traffic along this corridor is practically non-existent, so unless a manager can keep a number of big catering accounts or have a thriving after-work scene with drinks specials, their restaurant could be in trouble. Papouli’s has neither, but it still thrives. Continue reading “Papouli’s Gyros, Macon GA”

Satterfield’s, Macon GA

This is Marie, contributing a brief article about a place I stopped to eat (and exercise the baby) on my way back from a trip to visit my folks. Anyone who had done road trips with me in the past 20 years may be rather surprised at the hobby I now share with my husband, in that it involves stopping at places and taking routes other than the most direct. However, it was good training for driving with baby, especially since on this trip there wasn’t anyone to take the shift in the back seat for soothing and entertainment. So anyway, Grant was kind enough to suggest one of my stopping point for this journey, Satterfield’s in Macon. Continue reading “Satterfield’s, Macon GA”

Fincher’s Barbeque, Macon GA

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a restaurant that divides opinion quite the way that Fincher’s does. It would be churlish to deny that it has its very vocal detractors, and even among loyalty-splitting food like barbecue, people either love it to their core or hate it like something on fire. Surprisingly, chief among the nay-sayers is the wonderful 3rd Degree Berns, of whom I have frequently spoken. When he wrote up his visit in 2009, 3DB pulled no punches, giving the venerable original location in Macon one of his extremely rare one star out of ten ratings. (The only other restaurant to rank so lowly with him is Atlanta’s long-past-its-prime Old Hickory House, where polite nostalgia for locals is the main thing on the menu.) 3DB is by no means the only one to turn both barrels on Fincher’s, yet the small chain – presently at four restaurants: three in Macon and one in Warner Robins – does command a following, and is one of those legendary spaces that campaigning politicians are required to visit. Continue reading “Fincher’s Barbeque, Macon GA”

Fresh Air Bar-B-Que, Jackson, Macon and Athens GA

I’ve been looking forward to sharing a few words with you good readers about Fresh Air for quite some time. If you’re interested in Georgia barbecue, then this is one of the state’s best-known and most beloved old shacks. It’s a very old one, in fact, having opened in 1929 in a small store between Flovilla and Jackson. The original building was almost all pit, a gigantic brick smoker with a curious L-shape that has been intriguing guests and sparking conversations for many years. The faithful have been making pilgrimages to this lovely stretch of road for decades to hear about their history and smell the smoke from this pit. The building has been remodeled and expanded many times over the years. The upstairs dining room now seats about twenty, with another large room just down a short ramp. On Saturday afternoons, this place is packed. Continue reading “Fresh Air Bar-B-Que, Jackson, Macon and Athens GA”

Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Gray GA and The Whistle Stop Cafe, Juliette GA

This blog, you might have noticed, is full of hyperbole. I don’t set out to write this way; in fact, I struggle against it. When I was a teenager, I saw a documentary about Jack Benny, and somebody noted the way he enjoyed life so darn much that he would honestly describe every meal that he ate as the very best meal he’d ever had. I think that had quite an impact on me. Yes, I’d love to say that my life really does improve so much every day that the meal I just had is superior to the previous day’s meal. Isn’t that just a magical way of looking at life? Continue reading “Old Clinton Bar-B-Q, Gray GA and The Whistle Stop Cafe, Juliette GA”