Verde Taqueria, Atlanta GA

Every Labor Day, Dragon Con brings in some friends and family from around the southeast. This year, we were happy to go to a new place with our friends from Nashville, Tory and Brooke. We hadn’t seen Brooke in a stupidly long time; she missed coming to town last year, and the last few times I’d gone to the Music City, she was either working or, in one case, too sick to be social. So we were particularly glad to see her. And Tory, who’s always a joy. And their friend Holly, who came to town with them. Holly was wearing a WKU shirt and I mentioned that they started their season big with a win over the Wildcats. Holly wasn’t entirely sure that she knew that WKU even have a football team. Tsk. Continue reading “Verde Taqueria, Atlanta GA”

Monday Night Brewing, Atlanta GA

I have felt for some time that our blog is most lacking in two areas: the city of Savannah, and information about beer. I’ve thought about how best to tackle the second of those, and what I decided to do is highlight a few breweries that seem particularly interesting or make beers that I really enjoy. Savannah, of course, is going to require more concerted effort to actually go there and learn a few stories. Continue reading “Monday Night Brewing, Atlanta GA”

Voting Day!

Two Saturdays before the election, for the first time, Georgia allowed weekend early voting. While the girlchild spent the morning with her godmother, following a long, late night at Six Flags, Marie and I took the baby to the Cobb County Civic Center and spent a very long time waiting in line. We had a blast. Continue reading “Voting Day!”

And so we went back to the Food Truck Park…

I did not specifically intend to revisit the Atlanta Food Truck Park on Howell Mill, but I’m very glad that we did, because we had a really great time and ate very well.

Marie had suggested fried chicken for supper a couple of Saturdays ago, and I was keen for her to try Curly’s Fried Chicken, which is located a little further down the opposite direction on Howell Mill, and which I had really enjoyed when I visited in the summer. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more keen I was for a visit. But the teenage girlchild started grumbling. Suddenly, she didn’t like chicken, and never had. You might be aware that teenagers can be just a little bit mercurial. Continue reading “And so we went back to the Food Truck Park…”

JCT Kitchen, Atlanta GA

I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch a couple of Fridays ago, and made my way to the Westside Provisions complex on Howell Mill. I’d parked here once before, about a year previously, when the family all met up with some friends from Nashville at Osteria del Figo, and was generally aware that there was another good restaurant or two in this complex, but I’d never visited any of the others, and never walked around. What an incredibly nice place this is! The management has done a super job making this old industrial facility – a hundred years ago, part of this was a meat packing plant – into a really great pedestrian mall, full of bridges and little hidden treasures – Oh! So that’s where Ormsby’s is! – and honesty, every retail space in Atlanta should look half this good. And on the back side of one of the large buildings, Ford Fry’s JCT Kitchen has been packing in crowds for about five years. Continue reading “JCT Kitchen, Atlanta GA”

Figo Pasta, Atlanta GA

It’s not like we are scheming to visit every one of Figo’s locations in Atlanta, but the road took us to a fourth store on Saturday. The location on Collier Road was actually the chain’s first, and it opened in 2002 for carry-out only. The last decade has seen Figo grow to, at present, seven stores, and inspire at least two imitators in the southeast. We have written about Figo twice before, and don’t often craft revisit articles for the blog, but this was a fun little event that we wanted our readers to know about. Continue reading “Figo Pasta, Atlanta GA”