Barbecue and Doughnuts in Columbus GA

There are many small difficulties, none insurmountable, with writing this blog the way we do. Probably the most critical are the time and money factors. Considering that Marie and I each have excellent jobs in Atlanta, and a baby, it is not quite so easy to just take off, explore, immerse and learn in the way we’d like. The added challenge of a busy teenager adds to it. So many months will fly by between my expressing a desire to go someplace and learn more, and actually getting out and doing it. It was November of last year that I resolved to come back to Columbus to find some more places that serve the region’s particular mustard sauce. Continue reading “Barbecue and Doughnuts in Columbus GA”

Photo Post 3: Columbus GA (part two)

In the previous photo post, I shared some pictures of some places in Columbus that I had planned to visit before I made the drive. I had hoped to see some other places that called out to be seen, but my friends in the city were either out of town or busy. Fortunately, I thought to make a pit stop at the Georgia Welcome Center, which is off exit 12 of I-185. I explained what I was after to an extremely helpful Columbus native named Helen, who grabbed a map and a pen and told me about all sorts of places that I could try, and I was happy to spend a little time looking for a few of them. I really appreciate her suggestions, which will carry over into tomorrow’s chapter, and was reminded that welcome center staff are there to help. We should do a better job taking advantage of their skills! Continue reading “Photo Post 3: Columbus GA (part two)”

Photo Post 2: Columbus GA (part one)

For ages, I’d been hoping to find time to schedule a trip down to Columbus to visit a barbecue place I had heard about. I finally did, and there will be a report on that and a couple of other places where I ate in two days. But first, here are some pictures that I took along the way. Continue reading “Photo Post 2: Columbus GA (part one)”

Country’s Barbecue and more, Columbus, GA

Cheryl had mentioned to us when Marie and I were in Columbus in September that she would be busy on the last weekend of October, and to try not to schedule a trip down that weekend. Indeed, we had originally planned to make our visit to Providence Canyon on the 22nd, but circumstances conspired against us and we ended up buying a car that day and coming down on the 29th, when, it turned out none of our other friends in the area were free, either. Fortunately, I’ve made just about enough trips to Columbus over the years not to get completely bewildered like I used to. That’s just as well, because the directions that I had printed for this road trip only went as far as the two Alabama stops in the previous chapter. Continue reading “Country’s Barbecue and more, Columbus, GA”

The Black Cow and The Cannon, Columbus GA

So, finishing up our little jaunt down to Columbus, we returned from Phenix City with a late sack of lunch for Maggi, who felt much better after a little longer rest and recuperation. I’m sure seeing Auburn get routed in Death Valley helped on that front. (The Clemson Death Valley, that is, and not the LSU one, not that it matters overmuch who routs Auburn.) The four of us gossiped and caught up and let the baby show off his mighty lung power, and our hosts persuaded us to reconsider our dinner plans. Continue reading “The Black Cow and The Cannon, Columbus GA”

Cook’s Place, Columbus GA

A couple of weeks ago, Marie and I took the baby to Columbus and Phenix City for a day of eating, walking and visiting friends. We visited five restaurants and I’ll write those up over this and the next two chapters. A sixth, Fountain City Coffee, was intended, but we completely exhausted the almost nap-free baby, and so retired a little earlier than planned so he could get back in the car and go to sleep. Continue reading “Cook’s Place, Columbus GA”

Ok Sun, Columbus GA

Ages back, when I first went down to Columbus with Matt to meet his pals and see the town, we stopped by a diner called Gabby’s. It was a pretty filthy place. It was sort of a Waffle House crossed with one of those dumb joints that tries conning you into thinking it’s a “1950s” diner by way of a bad airbrushed picture of James Dean with his arm around Marilyn Monroe, but they served up a quite remarkable plate of hash browns via the kitchen sink, and they seemed to be the only place in the city that served Royal Crown Cola from a fountain. Quite apart from the inescapable truth that RC is just plain better than Coke, you’d think that more places in town would want to shine the local spotlight on a nationally-known beverage headquartered in the city. Of course, you’d also think that everybody in Chattanooga would want to serve Double Cola, and they don’t, either. At least several places in the Carolinas seem to be proud of Cheerwine. Continue reading “Ok Sun, Columbus GA”