Pollo Tropical, Kennesaw GA

Hello again, readers! Did you miss us? We had a good vacation down in south Georgia. This was not really a big eating tour, but we have a handful of chapters to share, but that won’t be for a while yet. We are still working through the remarkable backlog of stories from June. We’ll try to tell you about the couple of old places in Savannah and Brunswick that we saw sometime before the stores start selling Halloween candy. Definitely before they discount it. Continue reading “Pollo Tropical, Kennesaw GA”

Big Joy, Marietta GA

Big Joy is the first of two restaurants that we have visited recently – come back Saturday for a story about another – that offer a fun, modern American-style take on traditional flavors from Asia. This time out, the flavors are Korean, and they’re offered principally in either wraps or in bowls. The inspiration behind this place seems to be fast casual burrito joints like Moe’s or Willy’s, where guests walk down a line selecting ingredients to add to their order. All of their principal dishes of bibimbaps or burritos start as vegetarian offerings, although a few meats can be added. The veggies looked so good and so fresh that I didn’t figure that I needed any chicken or steak this evening. Continue reading “Big Joy, Marietta GA”

Drinking in Nashville

Nashville looks very much like a town in which a man can go a-drinkin’. The bars open early and don’t seem to close until late, and there appear to be more hospitals per resident than any other place this side of Miami to take care of what you do to your liver. But if you’re a family like ours, where three of us don’t drink alcohol and the one that does maybe has a single beer a month, it’s also a terrific place to drink all sorts of other wonderful things. When my daughter and I first got to the Music City on this trip, we skirted around the south side of the metro area via I-440 and started things off with a great milkshake at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. Continue reading “Drinking in Nashville”

Harmony Vegetarian Chinese, Chamblee GA

Earlier this month, we finally synched schedules with Emily and Adam of Spatial Drift and got to join them for supper. They’ve got a really fun lifestyle blog that I stumbled across while looking for links in the “other blog posts about” section that you see at the bottom of many of our entries here. A little over a year ago, Emily started a really neat project. Her goal has been to eat at every single restaurant on Buford Highway, starting at the southernmost, Pancho’s, and going north one by one. Continue reading “Harmony Vegetarian Chinese, Chamblee GA”

Zyka and Niramish, Atlanta GA

A few years ago, Marie and I enjoyed a restaurant that was in one of the strangest locations anybody could think to set up one: inside an old roller skating rink. I was reminded of that when I pulled into what used to be a church on Scott Boulevard in Decatur. Most of the building is now a Montessori school, but the old rec room and kitchen has been refurbished into a no-frills Indian restaurant and banquet facility called Zyka, and it’s completely wonderful. Continue reading “Zyka and Niramish, Atlanta GA”

Chat Patti, Atlanta GA

A few months ago, when I resolved to start sampling more of Atlanta’s Indian restaurants, we got a few ideas via email and Twitter for new places to try. One of our readers, Viraj Deshmukh, recommended that I stop by Chat Patti, a popular vegetarian joint that’s located in that little “elbow” between Briarcliff and North Druid Hills, sort of between the Super Target and Tin Roof Cantina. Continue reading “Chat Patti, Atlanta GA”

Mellow Mushroom, Marietta GA

In the late 1980s, when I thought that I liked hippie music – turns out I don’t; go figure – I became aware of the small Mellow Mushroom chain. Fueled not just by Jefferson Airplane records, but by the character of “neil” – always lower case – in TV’s The Young Ones, I probably talked about having a pizza here for years before I actually did. I always said the name in an approximation of neil’s voice. “Mellaww Mushroooooom,” usually with a slight nod and two fingers for peace. Ah, teenagers. The restaurant was started here in Atlanta in 1974. I think that the second store didn’t open for another eight years. They’ve had a presence in downtown Athens since 1986. While still mostly in the southeast, the chain now has a presence in seventeen states. Continue reading “Mellow Mushroom, Marietta GA”